Jealous of that Xbox laptop? Now there’s one for PS4 too

jealous xbox laptop now theres one ps4 playbook 4
Accomplished amateur modder Ed Zarick is back with a self-contained PlayStation 4 laptop, the PlayBook 4. Zarick made waves recently with a similar project to produce a a portable Xbox One, the Xbook One.

Like with his previous console mod, Zarick gutted the PS4 and re-housed it in a case composed of custom-designed, 3D-printed, and laser cut components. The PlayBook includes a 22″ 1080p LED LCD screen and an optional HDMI out port if you want to connect it to another display. The console’s Wi-Fi still works, if you want to go online. The one little hitch is that the unit does not have an internal battery, and requires a 110v wall outlet to function. The console was never designed to run on a battery, and doing so would require a more serious reengineering than Zarick is capable of.

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The PlayBook 4 starts at $1,095 if you provide Zarick with your own console. There is already a wait list, and the increased publicity in the last few days will do nothing to help that, so check out Zarick’s website soon if you’re interested. Zarick is an exemplary amateur engineer, with a home workshop that would make any maker jealous.

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