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IRS rules that Bitcoin will be taxed as property, not currency


Camera captures USPS driver throwing hard drive against garage door

Google’s Photowall uses Chromecast to collaboratively showcase photos

google glass

Google signs Glass deal with Ray-Ban, Oakley creator

president obama blackberry swap android

President Obama may finally be able to swap his BlackBerry for Android


Man gets revenge on Web scammer by texting entire works of Shakespeare

Burger King

Burger King to add mobile payment option in all U.S. stores


Pandora raises subscription rates, blames rising music roylaties

google glass

Hotel offers a free drink if you wear Google Glass

man googles finds picture wanted list surrenders google yourself

Man Googles himself, finds picture on ‘Most Wanted’ list, surrenders

microsoft now offering 400 worth services 199 office 365

Microsoft prepares to show off Office for iPad during late March event

google launches web app add store docs ons

Google launches a Web app add-on store for Google Docs

man arrested threatening shoot someone 100 retweets los angeles

Man arrested after threatening to shoot someone for 100 retweets


Starbucks app update lets you digitally tip your barista

apple store

Apple chops the 30 day return policy on iPhones to just two weeks

bmw and tesla executives discuss ways to promote electric cars model s white

New Jersey becomes the fifth state to ban direct Tesla sales


Amazon set-top box to include third party apps for Netflix, Hulu Plus


Toddler uses FaceTime to save mother after dog attack


Oscar Mayer iPhone device wakes you up to the smell of bacon

apple demands court order unlock ipad bequeathed death 4 lightning

Apple demands a court order to unlock an iPad bequeathed after death

Radioshack closing

RadioShack store closures more than double in size to 1,100 locations

los angeles bans e cigarettes public places electronic cigarette

Los Angeles lawmakers vote to ban e-cigarettes in public places

You can buy this vacation home for a mere 100 million Dogecoins

barnes & noble via

Despite poor sales, Barnes & Noble plan to release another Nook

mastercard masterpass expedia partnership announcement

Mastercard wants to link smartphone location data to your credit card


Mt. Gox goes offline leaving Bitcoin investors livid and worried


Facebook ditches the email system that nobody used

internet finally drives moviefones call service business moviefone ipad app

The Internet finally drives Moviefone’s call service out of business

microsoft slashes windows 8 licenses 70 combat chromebooks laptop

Microsoft slashes Windows 8 licenses by 70% to combat Chromebooks


This smart pistol only fires when in proximity to a RFID wristwatch

linkedin launches blocking feature

LinkedIn finally starts fighting stalkers with member blocking feature

FitBit Force Both

Fitbit issues recall of Force fitness band due to skin irritation

iphone milestones steve jobs

USPS planning to launch a Steve Jobs stamp in 2015

supersmoker bluetooth e cigarette lets users take calls play music

Supersmoker Bluetooth e-cigarette lets users take calls, play music