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Sprint’s 4G LTE service expands into 70 new markets

Ideal for customers stuck at 3G speeds for data usage, Sprint has rolled out more 4G LTE support in new markets all over the United States.

Target refuses to sell Beyoncé’s new album due to digital-first release

The lack of a physical disc option at the launch of Beyoncé's latest release has caused Target to bow out of CD sales of the new album.
ups electric delivery truck driving

UPS driver leaves Android tablet in garbage can on trash day

A UPS driver in Missouri thought it would be a great idea to leave a package containing a tablet inside a home's trash can that was sitting at the curb.

These smartplugs detect your presence for seamless home automation

Definitely a cool way to automate a home's lighting, the Zuli Smartplug is a home automation device that uses low-power Bluetooth for location detection.
fbi officials restled with license plate scanner privacy issues

Boston police stop using license plate scanners over privacy concerns

Easily a privacy concern, Boston police have suspended the use of automated license plate scanners due to a leak of private information.
microsofts first batch xbox original video content hits early 2014

Microsoft’s first batch of original Xbox video content hits early 2014

Microsoft is currently targeting early 2014 to launch Xbox video original programming potentially exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms.

Twitter’s ‘Nearby’ feed will show who’s tweeting in your local area

Potentially a privacy concern, Twitter is currently testing a 'Nearby' feed that will categorize and display tweets based off the location of the user.

Man posts Instagram selfies with stolen goods, subsequently arrested

Definitely a bad idea, a Florida man posted a variety of selfies on Instagram that led the local police department right to his front door.
automonous robotic security guards may headed streets k5 robot at school

Autonomous robotic security guards may be headed out into the streets

One-half Minority Report and one-half I, Robot, a company has developed an autonomous robot that can predict crime using several advanced technologies.
man jumps into subway for phone speeding

NYC tests thermal cameras, motion sensors to decrease subway deaths

Looking to detect people that have fallen on the subway track, NYC is testing four systems that includes technology such as lasers and thermal imaging.
att cheap gigabit internet for privacy store

AT&T offers cheaper gigabit Internet if you agree to be watched

Certainly a privacy concern, AT&T's launch of gigabit Internet in Austin, Texas includes a catch in order to receive a monthly discount on the service.
Apple TV Television

Apple adds ABC, Bloomberg and Crackle apps to Apple TV

Potentially useful to anyone that owns an Apple TV, a handful of new applications were added to the streaming video platform earlier today.
want text flights southwest offers less expensive imessage plan

Want to text on flights? Southwest offers an inexpensive iMessage plan

Ideal for iPhone and iPad owners, Southwest has launched access to a new service on planes that enables Apple's iMessage for the entire flight.
parents dislike infant seat ipad mount fisher price apptivity

Parents revolt over Fisher-Price infant seat with face-level iPad mount

Definitely a questionable product for infants, Fisher-Price is taking heat from parents over a bouncy seat that includes an iPad attachment.
nimbletv officially launches new york city streams cable shows mobile ipad tv guide

NimbleTV officially launches in NYC, streams cable shows to mobile

Seeking cable subscribers rather than cord cutters, NimbleTV is a new service for NYC residents that streams cable television content to mobile devices.
amazon updates kindle freetime

Amazon adds educational goals for kids on Kindle Fire tablets

Ideal for parents that want to encourage learning, Kindle Fire tablets will soon have greater parental controls within the Kindle FreeTime application.
westjet uses digital santa kiosk surprise flyers gifts baggage claim holiday promotion

WestJet uses digital Santa kiosk to surprise flyers with gifts at baggage claim

Definitely a heartwarming holiday video, a group of lucky WestJet flyers received personal gifts from the airline after video chatting with Santa Claus.

WordPress bloggers can now post photos, videos using Google Glass

Potentially ideal for Wordpress bloggers, a new plugin has been developed that allows Google Glass owners to post images and video directly to their blog.

Microsoft ends Windows 7 retail sales, directs consumers to Windows 8

Attempting to transition consumers to Windows 8, Microsoft has discontinued the retail version of Windows 7 and have stopped supplying copies to retailers.
Pandora Alarm Feature

Want to wake up to music on Pandora? Try the new alarm feature

Do you enjoy waking up listening to your favorite tunes? Pandora has rolled out a new alarm feature for anyone that owns an Apple mobile device.
glass sells out in tuesday sale google closeup

Illinois considers banning drivers from using Google Glass

In an attempt to get ahead of a new technology, an Illinois lawmaker wants to make sure Google Glass isn't being worn while driving a vehicle.
reddit community helps woman find lost dog jack the

Reddit community helps Houston woman find her lost dog

Thankfully a happy ending to a scary situation, a Texas woman was able to use the Reddit community to help locate her lost dog in a short period of time.
spaghettios pearl harbor tweet sparks backlash company apologizes mascot

SpaghettiOs’ Pearl Harbor tweet enrages Twitter, company apologizes

Definitely a bad idea, the folks behind the SpaghettiOs Twitter account should have spent more time crafting the proper tweet to remember Pearl Harbor.
teenage father spends 750 picture xbox one peter clatworthy

Teenage dad spends $750 for a picture of the Xbox One

Definitely a terrible way to nearly lose money meant for Christmas gifts, a recent Xbox One eBay auction didn't turn out exactly as planned for one father.
iOS 7 hands on main

iOS 7 adoption hits 74 percent among Apple mobile users

Perhaps due to the revamped iOS 7 layout, the adoption rate for Apple's new operating system is moving along more rapidly than the previous generation.
microsoft selling dell venue 8 pro for 99

Microsoft will sell the Dell Venue 8 Pro for $99 on Monday

Ideal if you are shopping for a Windows 8.1 tablet, the Microsoft Store is discounting the Dell Venue 8 Pro aggressively at the start of next week.
Using a Smartphone

Americans were obsessed with mobile apps on Thanksgiving

Probably killing some time before Thanksgiving dinner, Americans took out their mobile devices over the holiday weekend and dived into more apps than ever.
report google eyeing nexus tv android set top launch next year

Report: Google eyeing Nexus TV Android set-top box launch next year

Potentially impacting the home theater, Google's rumored Nexus TV could be an ideal set-top box solution for anyone that absolutely loves Android.

Microsoft takes jabs at the Google Chromebook in new ad campaign

what is bitcoin

China bans banks from processing Bitcoin transactions

man arrested stealing electricity charge electric car 2012 nissan leaf review exterior side

Man arrested for stealing 5 cents of electricity to charge Nissan Leaf

house of cards canceled netflix kevin spacey

Netflix announces a release date for ‘House of Cards’ season two

uber plans deliver christmas trees doorstep week picking out a tree

Uber and Home Depot team up to deliver Christmas trees on demand

Google Chromecast

Plex could hit Chromecast soon, support for iOS7 added this week