Want to wake up to music on Pandora? Try the new alarm feature

Pandora Alarm Feature

Announced on the official Pandora blog earlier today, the music streaming company has launched a new feature for iOS devices that allows users to set an alarm in order to wake up to a random song chosen from a pre-selected music station. Also in the works for Android devices, this update is definitely a welcome addition for fans of streaming music.

While Apple includes a feature that allows users to select a specific song to wake up to in the morning, some users don’t bother to add music to their mobile device due to a reliance on streaming music applications like Pandora and Spotify. For music lovers, this is also a superior option when compared to waking up to a radio station in the morning, specifically because you may dislike the station’s current song or a commercial could be playing.

Pandora v.5.0 for iPad

Within the alarm submenu, Pandora users have the ability to select the alarm time, a specific station from the user’s Pandora list and the volume of the music. For the folks that like to procrastinate in the mornings, users can set a snooze option for increments at 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. If snooze is activated in the morning, the visual layout will display the time remaining before the music kicks in again. However, users will have to leave the Pandora alarm screen open and plug the iOS device into a power outlet before slipping off into dreamland.

Interestingly, the alarm function can be used in conjunction with the sleep timer. This means someone that likes falling asleep to music playing in the background can also use the alarm function to wake up to some similar tunes. After downloading the new update for the Pandora application today, you will find the new alarm function in the submenu swiped in from the right side of the iPhone application.

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