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DirecTV wants to keep your dog entertained with the DogTV channel

Apple TV Jailbreak XBMC

Escape the iTunes cell by jailbreaking your Apple TV

Interested in watching your personal library of content on your Apple TV without restriction? Check out our complete guide to jailbreaking your Apple TV!

Facebook Home ad features Facebook addiction, drag queens and cats

Report: Google Fiber is headed to Austin, Texas


California court rules checking smartphone maps while driving is illegal

Netflix rolls out 720p support on Windows Phone 8

Texas family sells Porsche – for 300 Bitcoins?

U.S. Census Bureau plans to use the Web for the next major Census


PayTango lets you pay for stuff using your fingerprints

Photographer sets up Craigslist sting to get stolen Canon DSLR back

Utilizing Craigslist to ensnare a camera thief, a man was able get his stolen dSLR camera back and assist the police with the arrest.
Facebook browsing

Student breaks into home to use Facebook, caught after not logging out

The Vamp revives old speakers with Bluetooth, mobile connectivity

Store fights showrooming by charging $5 “just looking” fee

living room cubesensors

CubeSensors are designed to improve your indoor environment

LifeBEAM SMART bike helmet monitors your heart rate

man ignoring child support busted with facebook photo christopher robinson pose

Man ignoring child support payments busted due to Facebook photo

A Wisconsin man skipping his child support payments thought it would be a great idea to post several pictures of himself and stacks of cash on Facebook.
set top showdown apple tv vs roku 3 boxee box wd play

Set-top showdown: Apple TV vs. Roku 3 vs. Boxee Box vs. WD TV Play vs. Google TV

Trying to figure out which set-top box to buy? Check out our 2013 breakdown of the five most popular streaming set-top box platforms:

Canadian man tries to sell his home for Bitcoins

barnes noble nook hd review side bottom port

Barnes & Noble giving away Nook e-readers with tablet purchase

NYC rolling out touchscreen displays in subways for directions, schedules

More than a third of all recorded DVR content is never viewed

Report: ABC working on mobile app for streaming live programming

Washington Post

The Washington Post will roll out a paywall this summer

Walgreens is building a completely self-powered store

ORIGOSafe disables the car to stop people from texting while driving

Redbox Instant officially opens to the public today after closed beta

Dreambox is a vending machine with a built-in 3D printer

Jarad S Carr Walmart Counterfeiter

Counterfeiter nabbed while trying to return printer with fake money inside

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Review windows 8 netflix

Netflix publishes ISP speed index to let consumers compare providers

misty vanhorn facebook kids

Woman arrested after trying to sell her kids on Facebook

google glasses augmented reality vision brain memory

Seattle bar preemptively bans customers wearing Google Glass

Thermodo is a tiny thermometer for your smartphone

Solar-powered ELF pedal vehicle is designed for eco-friendly commuting

Paintbot uses Twitter hashtags to trigger paintball firing