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Latest by Mike Flacy


AT&T hits mobile customers with new fee, rakes in half a billion a year


Scanadu Scout makes Star Trek’s medical tricorder a reality

Rocky playing with Petcube

Petcube allows you to play with your pets while at work


Helios Bars add GPS tracking, turn-by-turn navigation to your bike

Burglary suspects butt-dial 911, record themselves commiting crime

PhoneSuit Flex keeps your iPhone 5 charged, fits in your pocket


XiStera packs eight iPhone functions into one handy tool

Kwikset Kevo unlocks the front door with a single touch

Texas woman turns to WebMD instead of 911 after son is shot

Microsoft and Xbox 360

Media Streamer Showdown: PlayStation 3 versus Xbox 360

ABC to start streaming live programming to mobile devices this week

Spotify closes Chrome exploit to stop MP3 downloads using Downloadify

Huggies TweetPee sends you a tweet when the baby pees

TiVo to pull free Desktop PC software in early June


Domino’s Live lets you watch streaming video of your pizza being made

amazon box

Internet sales tax bill passes Senate, headed to the House


Beer drone using GPS will deliver frosty brew at music festival


The Barman helps you create the perfect cocktail

Nest thermostat updated to beat the summer heat

NCAA bans Twitter hashtags from being displayed on the football field

Netflix will lose roughly 1,800 titles tomorrow


FitBark helps dog owners keep track of their pet’s activity


Toast with someone using the Buddy Cup to become Facebook friends

New York Times announces discounted digital subscription plan

Scan these smart pajamas to launch a bedtime story for the kids


Virgin America encourages passenger flirting with seat-to-seat texting


Kohler’s new $6,600 toilet features Bluetooth … ahem … streaming


Med Vault prescription drug bottle limits drug use electronically


Amazon launches 14 pilots to gauge interest in series development

Juror gets sent to jail by judge for texting during a trial

Volkswagen iBeetle offers built-in iPhone dock, custom app

Google rolls out Google+ comments within the Blogger community

HAPIfork tracks your eating habits, encourages healthier eating

American Airlines computer glitch grounds hundreds of flights today