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Apple rolls out Apple TV automatic setup when paired with iOS 7 device

BluFit Water Bottle and mobile application

BluFit smart water bottle keeps tabs on your water drinking habits

ny sting fake online reviews yelp

New York State busts 19 companies for creating fake online reviews

hp debuts first leap motion gesture control laptop

HP debuts first laptop with Leap Motion gesture controls

Offering up a gesture control experience somewhat similar to the Microsoft Kinect, the Leap Motion sensor has been embedded within a HP ENVY 17 laptop.
packed with sensors hexoskin shirt replaces wearable fitness gadgets working out

Packed with sensors, Hexoskin shirt replaces wearable fitness trackers

sony settles over install other os ps3

Demystifying the audio settings on your PlayStation 3

Confused by terms like Linear PCM 7.1 Ch. 96 kHz, Bitstream and Dynamic Range Control? We help you make all the right audio settings in your PS3 right here.

RIDEYE is a black box recording system for cyclists

sprint throttling heavy data users store

Sprint preps ‘One Up’ early upgrade plan to launch on September 20

bookless all digital library opens in texas bibliotech concept

Nation’s first all-digital, bookless library opens in Texas

sony bravia smart stick nsz gu1 smartstick

Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick is basically Google TV as a dongle

nhtsa proposes in car smartphone guidelines texting while driving

Woman texting while driving crashes, ends up in a lake

handheld sigmo offers real time language translation for 25 languages device

Handheld SIGMO offers real-time language translation for 25 languages

run n read allows you to a book with running on treadmill clipped

Run-n-Read eliminates dizziness when reading while running

lego robot strips drm from ebooks kindle

Professor builds LEGO robot that strips DRM from Kindle books

Definitely a creative way to circumvent DRM restrictions, a professor built a robotic LEGO device in order to automatically take pictures of book pages.
microsoft surface pro tablet review screen keyboard

Microsoft preps a docking station for the next generation Surface Pro


Report: Amazon wants to offer free smartphones without a contract

text lie detector statements police robbery taking notes

NYPD arrests man that uploaded his reckless driving video to YouTube

netflix for books oyster launches with over 100000 in print titles splash page 970x0

Netflix for books? Oyster launches with over 100,000 in-print titles

jawbone increases portability with the minijambox lg mini jambox 2

Jawbone increases portability with the Mini Jambox

defikopter drone delivers defibrillators to save heart attack victims

Defikopter drone airdrops defibrillators to save heart attack victims

Amazon announces Kindle Matchbook, upgrades Kindle Paperwhite

time warner subscribers flee company promises faster internet speeds cbs football

CBS and Time Warner reach deal, Web access blackout to end

nokia and microsoft acquisition approval delayed until april

Microsoft purchases Nokia for $7.2 billion

apple iphone 5 4G

Retailers slash iPhone 5 price prepping for next iPhone

target preps digital movie rental service for launch ticket app

Report: Target preps digital movie rental service for launch


Netflix lands exclusive streaming rights to Aziz Ansari comedy special

aereo hits android in september ceo interview header 2

Report: Aereo is heading to Android devices in September

Definitely good news for Android device owners, Aereo's CEO announced plans to launch an Android application for the live television streaming service.
beddit tracker monitors your sleep without having to wear it white sensor on bed

Beddit tracker monitors your sleep patterns without having to wear it

Apple Store

Report: Apple’s iPhone trade-in program begins this week

nexus 4 problems

Google slashes the price of the unlocked Nexus 4, starts at $199


30 percent of Americans don’t have broadband access at home

Watching television tracking

NPD: Consumers planning to buy HDTVs, tablets in the near future

6 things you need to know about mark zuckerbergs plans bring web connectivity a global scale internet

Facebook partners with tech companies to expand global Internet access


TiVo officially announces Roamio DVR, records six shows at once