Uber and Home Depot team up to deliver Christmas trees on demand

uber plans deliver christmas trees doorstep week picking out a tree

Uber is certainly no stranger to out-of-the-box promotional stunts. During late October, Uber delivered kittens to people in New York, San Francisco, or Seattle for a 15 minute cuddle on National Cat Day. On Valentine’s Day, Uber offered delivery of red roses to users in 15 different cities. During July 2012, Uber experimented with on-demand ice cream trucks to beat the heat in Chicago, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco and Toronto.

Starting tomorrow, Uber is partnering with retail giant Home Depot to deliver Christmas trees to people living in ten major cities. These cities include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington DC.

uber-treesAfter downloading the Uber app to an iPhone, Android phone or BlackBerry, Uber users will be able to place an order for a Christmas tree between 11am and 8pm on Thursday, December 4.

While availability is limited, Uber users will receive a 7 to 8 foot netted tree, a tree stand and a special monogrammed Uber scarf for making the purchase. The majority of cities will offer a Fraser Fir tree, but Uber users in San Diego and San Francisco will receive a Noble Fir tree.

Similar to other Uber transactions, users can pay with a credit card, Paypal or Google Wallet using their mobile device. Of course, getting a tree delivered by Uber won’t be cheap. While a typical 7 to 8 foot tree costs between $40 to $80 depending on the area of the country, the Uber tree will cost $135. Of course, that also means that you won’t have to strap a giant tree to the top of your vehicle and drive it home yourself.

While Home Depot does deliver Christmas trees to customers on their own, delivery typically takes a couple days to occur. When asked about the promotion by the Chicago Tribune, Home Depot spokewoman Katherine Ellison said “Both companies saw it as a natural fit  … a chance to do something fun and unexpected for customers.” 

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