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walmart preps 50 a year shipping service to take on amazon prime

Walmart puts more focus on distribution to compete online with Amazon

report new apple tv set top box expected first half 2014 4k

Report: New Apple TV set-top box is expected for first half of 2014


Man shares his own wanted picture on Facebook, arrested shortly after

netflix starts testing 4k content batch public videos ultra hd

Netflix may transition to three pricing tiers for streaming video soon

las vegas casinos warm bitcoin hotel stays

Las Vegas casinos warm up to Bitcoin payments for hotel stays

amazon exclusives store debuts jackery leaf

Jackery Leaf charging case can double your iPhone 5S battery life

netflix luth research house of cards

U.S. households love Netflix while HBO and Showtime are on the decline

justice department investigates major theater chains for antitrust violations digital movie

Paramount is the first major studio to abandon film for digital-only releases

amazon in talks to lease more jets get packages your door quicker boxes

Amazon patented an anticipatory shipping system that predicts orders

googles chrome mobile update may reduce data usage 50 percent

Google’s Chrome for Mobile update may reduce data usage by 50 percent

woman loses 300000 christian mingle online dating scam internet scams

Woman loses $300,000 in Christian Mingle online dating scam

woman ticketed wearing google glass driving wins court cecilia abadie

California driver ticketed for wearing Google Glass found not guilty

google considers tiny cameras for contact lenses smart lens

Google developing smart contact lens that monitors blood sugar levels

vaping banned on planes electronic cigarette

Chicago joins New York, bans indoor e-cigarette vaping

helmet cameras will rolled arena football league players first person view

Helmet cameras will be rolled out for Arena Football League players

memini wearable camera captures moments time kids

MeMINI is a wearable camera that captures life’s important moments

chicago sun times test paywall accepts bitcoin tweets

Chicago Sun-Times to test paywall that accepts Bitcoin, tweets

man dies falling freezing river trying grab smartphone chicago

Man dies after falling into freezing river trying to retrieve mobile phone

florida man shot movie theater wouldnt stop texting grove 16 shooting

Florida man shot, killed in movie theater because he was texting

Aereo devices

United States Supreme Court to hear the Aereo vs. Broadcasters case

Bitcoins racks up $130,000 in sales on first day of accepting Bitcoin

Nook HD

Barnes & Noble digital division plummeting due to poor Nook sales

Fitbit Force

Caller ID will launch on the Fitbit Force during February

LG Chromebase front

LG announces Chromebase, an All-in-One PC using Google’s Chrome OS

Looking to capitalize on Google Chrome OS, LG plans to launch an All-in-One PC called the Chromebase that offers a 21.5-inch IPS monitor at 1080p resolution.
iTunes Radio Hands On Purchase

Digital music sales decline for the first time since the iTunes Store opened

Digital music sales are no longer increasing year over year and many analysts are looking at services like Spotify and Pandora as the reason why.
ice cream truck replace music mobile text messages

Ice cream truck to replace loud music with mobile text messages

moto x now priced 399 without contract motorola maker header 2

Motorola’s flagship Moto X drops to $400 without contract

Motorola has cut the unlocked price on the Moto X by 20 percent in order to compete more effectively against the Nexus 5.
snapchat header

4.6 million Snapchat usernames and phone numbers leaked online

Potentially cause for alarm if you are a Snapchat user, a huge collection of usernames and phone numbers has been published on the Web due to an exploit.

Expiring Soon: These films will vanish from Netflix on New Year’s Day

Be sure to check out this collection of movies and television shows on Netflix Instant before the expiring content is removed at the start of the new year.
apple iphone 5s

Teenager doesn’t get an iPhone for Christmas, pulls knife on dad

A Massachusetts teenager got locked up on Christmas after pulling a weapon on his family when he didn't receive the gift that he really wanted.
google chromecast versus roku 3 apple tv vs chromcast

Streaming Smackdown: Google Chromecast vs. Roku 3 vs. Apple TV

los angeles bans e cigarettes public places electronic cigarette

New York City extends indoor smoking ban to include e-cigarettes

Definitely a nuisance to anyone in NYC that's attempting to quit smoking by using an e-cigarette, smoking those devices indoors is no longer an option.

Vine users will get vanity URLs starting on December 20


Delta preemptively bans cellular and internet based in-flight calls

Atlanta based Delta Airlines has announced that the company will not allow passengers to place voice calls when on a flight.