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Fitbit issues recall of Force fitness band due to skin irritation

FitBit Force Both

Detailed within an apology written by the Fitbit CEO James Park, the fitness device company has issued a voluntary recall of the Fitbit Force wristband and halted all sales of the band through the company site as well as third party retailers like Amazon. Skin irritation issues from constant use of the Fitbit Force came to light during January 2013 when owners started posting images of rashes on the wrist, basically directly underneath the Fitbit Force. While the company apologized to users last month and offered refunds, sales of the Fitbit Force continued over the past 30 days.

Speaking about the number of users that experienced skin irritation, Park said “Recently, some Force users have reported skin irritation. While only 1.7% of Force users have reported any type of skin irritation, we care about every one of our customers. On behalf of the entire Fitbit team, I want to apologize to anyone affected…We have stopped selling Force and have decided to conduct a voluntary recall. We are offering a refund directly to consumers for full retail price. ” 

According to company research into the Force, the battery and electrical systems are not to blame for the skin irritation. Company representatives believe that users are having an allergic reaction to the nickel that’s mixed into the stainless steel on the interior of the band. In addition, it’s possible that users are experiencing an allergic reaction to the adhesives used to put the product together. However, it’s unlikely that the product design of the actual band differs significantly from the Fitbit Flex, which hasn’t triggered a public outcry from users. 

If you purchased a Fitbit Force, you can receive a full refund for the product be visiting this page or calling 1-888-656-6381 to schedule a return. According to details on the page, a return kit will be sent to all Force users and a check for the full retail price of the Force will be issued to customers between 2 to 6 weeks of receiving the returned Fitbit Force wristband.

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