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The sonic toothbrush that promises a 10-second clean returns to CES

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Last year, we highlighted a strange-looking toothbrush that claimed to clean your teeth in as little as 10 seconds. It could clean your teeth this fast because it was a mouthguard lined with bristles at an angle that you placed in your mouth and turned on, for lack of a better way to put it.

But there were several problems with last year’s demo. At that point, the American Dental Associated hadn’t even approved the device for use, or much less tested it — an essential step — and it seemed a little too good to be true. While the company promised an April 2019 release date, the Y-Brush never saw the light of day.

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While that’s not surprising considering the amount of vaporware every year at CES, Fasteesh — the company behind the Y-Brush — is intent in letting us know that they’re ready to sell the Y-Brush, and for just $125 from the company’s website. Fasteesh recommends that you replace the mouthpiece every six months, which will set you back $30 apiece.

While the price isn’t too bad considering what it does — which has now been proven to work — the replacement mouthpiece heads are a bit expensive. Most replacement heads for your typical motorized toothbrush are half that if not cheaper, but they are nowhere near as efficient as the Y-Brush.

The Y-Brush comes in five different sizes to account for the differences in mouth sizes, including a kid’s size. The mouthpiece cleans one set of teeth all at the same time, and all you need to do to operate it is place toothpaste in the tray, place it on your mouth, press a button and wait five seconds and repeat for the opposite set of teeth.

Fasteesh says that the Y-Brush works best when you make a chewing motion with your teeth during the brushing process. The company says it has tested the brush with a research panel of 3,000 consumers and is currently part of a clinical study to further prove its effectiveness in cleaning your teeth.

Now if only they could figure out a way to automate flossing, that would be great.

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