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Your steaks will love being poked by Whirlpool’s smart thermometer

Have you ever been distracted while cooking or grilling and your meat dish turned into a dry, charcoaled mess? There’s now a device that will help distracted cooks make perfectly moist meat, no matter their skill level in the kitchen. Yummly, Whirlpool Corporation’s digital recipe and cooking platform, is launching a new smart kitchen device called the Yummly Smart Thermometer. This thermometer uses dual temperature sensors that monitor food temperatures and oven temperatures at the same time. You can track your poultry, roast, and steaks’ cooking progress remotely with the Yummly app. The app will also alert you when your food is ready. No more overcooking when you become distracted.
“The value of this smart thermometer is that you can stick it in a raw chicken, forget about it, and have confidence that you’ll be enjoying a delicious meal that’s cooked at the ideal temperature,” said Joel Gamoran, Yummly Pro featured chef and content collaborator. “You don’t need to be a chef to multitask in the kitchen — the Yummly Smart Thermometer watches and adjusts your cooking so you can manage other dishes and activities.”
Whirlpool Smart Thermometer CES 2020 in turkey
The new kitchen device will launch early this year with additional features becoming available in late 2020. One of the new features will allow the thermometer to connect with smart Whirlpool ovens. Once connected, the thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature or cooking mode of the oven at the right time to meet recipe specifications without the need for human intervention. How will the thermometer access the right recipe? Yummly maintains a library of more than 2 million recipes that can be accessed through the app and sent to connected Whirlpool devices.
“Not everyone has the time and patience to cook. Between after-school and after-work activities, errands and homework, the last thing people want to do when they get home from a long day is spend time constantly checking if their dinner is ready,” said Andrew Grose, Head of Business Development & Operations, Yummly. “We understand the precision that goes into cooking the perfect roasted chicken, so it was important to us in developing the Yummly Smart Thermometer to focus first on monitoring and alerting, and second on wireless communication to auto-adjust oven cooking methods and temperatures at the perfect time.”
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