Aliph Refines its Signature Jawbone Headset

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Continuing to evolve its already highly rated Jawbone headset, Aliph released a new version of its flagship Bluetooth device on Thursday with a range of improvements over the original. The “new Jawbone,” as it’s been very simply dubbed, has shrunken significantly and includes new noise reduction technology that Aliph claims improves voice quality ten times over competing headsets.

Since size was one of the main complaints about the original Jawbone, Aliph has scaled it down by an impressive 50 percent. Weight dives even more significantly, from a hefty 28.3 grams to just 10. The headset retains its textured rectangular look, but gets a material upgrade on the ear loops, which are now bolstered in real leather.

Functionally, the new Jawbone’s main claim to fame is its NoiseAssassin noise reduction technology, allegedly developed for the military. Aliph claims NoiseAssassin can improve voice quality by ten times over competing headsets by cutting background noise by 90 percent using its Voice Activity Sensor to help aggressively but accurately trim out noise.

The new Jawbone is available now through both Jawbone’s Web site and AT&T and stores for $129.99. Although initially available only in matte black, silver and rose gold versions will be rolling out in the future.