Aliph’s Jawbone Dons New Shades

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Aliph’s popular Jawbone Bluetooth headset earned accolades for its stylistic design once with its first iteration, again with a design revision that boasted more colors, and now, even more colors are coming to the second-gen headset. The company added blue and pink shades to its palette on Monday.

Keeping with the slightly eccentric naming of its current colors – Blah Blah Black, Silver Tongue and Goldy Lips – the new shades have been dubbed Babbling Blue and Rambling Rosé. According to Aliph, they were the product of consumer demand.

“Our customers are as demanding as we are when it comes to aesthetics,” says Hosain Rahman, CEO and co-founder of Aliph, in a statement. “They wanted more color choices to allow them to integrate the Jawbone headset as seamlessly with their style as they have with their phones.”

Both colors are available exclusively through Best Buy, where they retail for $140.