Amnesty Int’l Debuts Wireless Service

Those wanting their cellular minutes to stretch a little bit further for a good cause will be interested to know Amnesty International USA, working in conjunction with telephone services provider Working Assets, is now offering a cellular service for supporters of its organization. This new service is dubbed Amnesty Wireless.

Amnesty Wireless, which costs $29.99 a month with a two-year agreement, offers 200 anytime minutes plus unlimited night and weekend minutes. A LG 225 camera phone, earpiece and car charger are also included as part of the agreement. As for donations, from calls members already make, 10 percent of their charges will automatically go to Amnesty International, without any extra charges be incurred.

Amnesty Wireless members who want to help out more can view each month’s bill Citizen Action alerts, which talk about human-rights issues they should consider focusing on. Subscribers can choose to send a letter to a targeted decision-maker or make a call from their cell phone to have their voice heard via up to 30 free minutes of these calls each month.

“Our members want to do all they can to support human rights,” said Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International USA, in a statement. “But they’re also busy people. Amnesty Wireless makes it easier for them to make a difference—every day.”