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New Anker 736 Nano II GaN charger has three USB ports and 100W power output

Anker is a reputable name when it comes to phone and laptop accessories. The brand specializes in charging solutions for portable gadgets, with compact, fast chargers being among its key offering. At CES 2022, Anker is unveiling a new pocket-sized GaN charger with three simultaneous outputs and a combined power supply of up to 100 watts. This will be a handy accessory if you value time and have multiple gadgets that need to be juiced up at once, especially if they don’t come with a charger in the box.

Out of the three ports on the Anker 736 Nano II 100W charger, two are USB Type-C ports, while one is a USB Type-A port. Anker does not specify the charging speed limits per port, but we can expect the USB Type-C ports to supply power at 100W at least when one of them is used exclusively. This is a step forward from Anker’s 735 Charger, which supports a maximum output of 65W.

Anker 100 watts 736 Nano II gallium nitride fast charger

The trio of ports, along with the high power output, can be used to charge a myriad of devices — including Dell XPS laptops, MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface 2-in-1 notebooks, Android smartphones and tablets, and iPhones and iPads — at high speeds. The charger’s usability is not limited to charging laptops, mobile phones, and tablets as it can also be used to power earphones, handheld gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, and basically anything that charges over USB.

GaN tech to optimize power delivery

Anker claims its PowerIQ 3.0 technology optimizes the power delivery to devices to ensure minimal losses in form of heat. The charger uses GaN technology that offers it a compact form and better power efficiency. This is because GaN, or gallium nitride, which is a semiconductor and can be used instead of silicon to make electronic devices like transistors, maintains its properties at higher temperatures than silicon. It can, therefore, function without unnecessary current or voltage fluctuations in response to heat being generated in the system. Besides its efficiency, GaN technology also allows the wall unit to be much smaller than a charging brick with similar power output.

The charger also supports USB PD-PPS (short for USB Power Delivery-Programmable Power Supply), which is a charging standard that allows chargers to adjust current and voltage values in much smaller steps as compared to older standards, resulting in more optimal power output and reduced waste. USB-PD PPS is a part of the USB4 standard and supports all devices that come with USB4-compliant ports. Among smartphones, Samsung flagships also utilize PPS.

The Anker 736 Nano II 100W charger is priced at $79 in the U.S,, 70 pounds in the U,K,, and 75 euros in Germany. It will be available to purchase in these countries starting March 2022.

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