Any.Do calendar app want to help you get your life in order, one task at a time


Any.DO already makes one of the most popular to-do apps for iOS, so the next logical step is helping people manage when they do things as well. That is the idea behind the calendar app that it plans to launch this summer. You don’t have to wait, though, if you get in on the beta that starts today.

Building off the solid foundation it put in place with it’s task manager app, Any.DO’s calendar application will integrate with the existing app, sharing information between the two so users won’t have to enter the same things twice. The calendar will expand its reach to the social side of things, linking up with a Facebook account and contacts to allow for messaging and event planning from within the app.

If you’d like to give Any.DO’s new calendar app a try before it hits the app store, you can head over to the company’s website and sign up to be involved in the beta. The development of the app will be ongoing so expect some bumps along the way, but given Any.DO’s history of making smooth and effective apps, we have no doubt that the calendar tool will provide a similar experience. And hey, if you get in, you may get your life in order before all of your friends.