New iPhone 5C with less storage space and lower price shows up in UK Apple Store

iPhone 5C color

Apple has launched a new iPhone 5C model. The feature set is almost identical to the model with which we’re already familiar, but the storage capacity has dropped down to 8GB, half the amount of the previous entry level phone. At the time of writing, the 8GB iPhone 5C has only appeared in the UK online Apple Store, while the U.S. site still shows only the 16GB and 32GB version.

The reduction in storage capacity also brings a much needed drop in price. However, it’s still not exactly a bargain, as you’ll need to part with £430 to secure an 8GB phone. This is £50 cheaper than the 16GB model, or £120 less than the 32GB iPhone 5C. Prior to the iPhone 5C’s announcement, it was speculated the C would stand for cheap. While it’s less expensive than the iPhone 5S, it can’t quite match the influx of high quality, low-cost Android hardware such as the Moto X and Moto G

It’s not clear whether the 8GB phone will make it to the U.S. yet, but if it does, the unlocked, SIM-free price could be $500. This is based on the $100 leap between the 16GB and 32GB model. With a two-year contract, the new model may cost $50.

By introducing an 8GB model, Apple has found a way of cutting the cost a little more, but at the expense of a very important resource. There’s no way to bump the storage capacity on an iPhone, on the device at least, and with many high-end games and apps taking up to 1GB of space each, new owners run the risk of filling it up very quickly.

As per earlier rumors, the 8GB iPhone 5C’s launch is also joined by the re-introduction of the iPad 4, which replaces the aging iPad 2 at the bottom of Apple’s tablet range. Now referred to as the iPad Retina Display, the tablet is available in the U.S. Apple Store, where it’s priced at $400 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, or $530 if you’d like cellular connectivity too.

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