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Apple may strip buttons from future iPhones, iPads

home buttonSteve Jobs’ infamous aversion to buttons may be affecting the hardware of the iPad 2, and other future iOS devices for that matter. Rumor has it that the upcoming iPad and iPhone updates will come without their familiar home buttons.

BGR reports that inside Apple sources claim gesture controls will replace the hardware feature to return to the home screen, as well as the multitasking screen. In fact, the multitouch gesture capability Apple included in the iOS 4.3 update was created with the home button’s elimination in mind. The touchscreen will now be responsible for all iPhone functions, and which the next generation of iPad and iPhones lurking around the corner, we might not have to wait very long to find out.

It doesn’t seem entirely far fetched that Apple would revolutionize its hardware this way. Jobs’ love of “intuitive” interfaces seems to lead to minimal hardware: he originally wanted to go without arrow keys on the original Macintosh so that developers would build around the mouse. He also reportedly was opposed to including any physical button on the iPhone, and his original intentions might finally be playing out.

We’re not ready to buy into this quite yet: BGR uses the phrasing “…at some point in time” when talking about eliminating the home button. Doesn’t quite sound like a ringing endorsement to us. And if you’re one for rumors, the alleged iPad 2 that made it’s way into CES definitely included a home button. Check out the video below – disclaimer: we’re not terribly inclined to believe it’s validity.

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