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Apple’s answer to low viewership on Apple News? A Twitter account

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Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends
The Internet is full of traditional news websites, but if you’re more tech savvy, you may have used sites like Google News or social media networks like Twitter to get news. One place you may not have turned to is Apple News on your iPhone or iPad. The service may not be as popular as Apple would like, but the company seems to be making an effort to ramp up readership

Apple has created a Twitter account (@AppleNews) to tweet stories curated by Apple editors in the News app. The stories are made up of some top stories and other articles curated by the team at Apple. If you click on the link from an iPhone or iPad, you’ll be taken straight to — you guessed it — the Apple News app.

We don’t know exactly how many users Apple News has, and nor does Apple. What we do know, however, is that at least a few of Apple’s publishing partners expected to get a lot more traffic from the service.

“The traffic has been modest relative to the enormous install base of iOS devices,” said Julie Hansen, president of Business Insider, in a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Because of this, it makes sense that Apple is trying to step up the number of people using News. If partners were to pull out of the partnership with Apple, it would spell certain doom for the Apple News service.

The Twitter account isn’t the only thing Apple is doing to try and promote News. The company has also taken out ads in places like the New York City subway.

Sure, opening a Twitter account and running a few ads probably won’t save Apple News from low viewership numbers, but it could certainly raise awareness for the service and bring at least a few more eyes to the app.

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