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You can buy a factory-sealed Apple Watch for just $169 right now

While the Apple Watch Series 6 may have recently launched, there’s still plenty of life left in the Apple Watch Series 3. Even better, you can snap up a factory-sealed Apple Watch Series 3 for just $169 right now at Amazon, bringing with it all the benefits of one of the best smartwatches out there. It’s just one of the many great Apple Watch deals around.

Sure, you might be thinking, “But I want the latest tech.” Well, did you know the Apple Watch Series 3 actually offers plenty of the features you’d most use on the Apple Watch Series 6 anyway? For the most part, if you don’t mind it running a little slower and you don’t need an always-on display, the Apple Watch Series 3 does everything you could need.

It has a built-in GPS so it can track all your workouts, from your daily runs to a long weekend hike. It’s swim-proof so it can also track your swimming sessions, plus you can keep it on while you’re showering. Best of all, the Apple Watch Series 3 also automatically tracks your workouts, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.

It also has an optical heart sensor so you can easily see how your heart rate is doing throughout the day, monitoring for any changes while also knowing exactly when you’re hitting your most effective speed during your workout.

For those quieter times in life, the Apple Watch Series 3 allows you to store music, podcasts, and audiobooks so you can enjoy listening to all your favorites without needing your phone by your side all the time. The App Store offers plenty of useful tools and apps, too.

Effectively, for just $169, you’re getting a lot of what the Apple Watch Series 6 offers. It uses a slower processor and lacks a blood oxygen sensor, ECG app, and fall detection, but most users will still be more than happy with the Apple Watch Series 3, especially for a price that’s so much less than the latest Apple Watch.

Ordinarily priced at $199, the Apple Watch Series 3 is down to just $169 at Amazon. It’s the ideal time to snap one up and enjoy a fantastic smartwatch experience for a long time to come.

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