AT&T Adopts Samsung’s SGH-a737 Slider

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Just in time to compete with T-Mobile’s new Shadow, AT&T has lined up a thin new slider of its own. Although it was hardly a secret prior to the announcement, AT&T sent out word on Tuesday that it would officially begin carrying the Samsung SGH-a737, a sliding form factor entertainment phone.

Unlike the Shadow, which made news the day before, the a737 will make use of snappy 3G broadband, in addition to the slower EDGE network. Currently, AT&T offers 3G coverage in 170 metropolitan areas, with broader EDGE coverage reaching into 13,000 cities.

The phone will also be able to make use of AT&T’s Video Share, which allows callers to share one-way live video during a voice call when the person on the other end also has a Video-Share-capable phone. AT&T Music Share also allows owners to snag music from Napster and eMusic on the go. A microSD slot gives the phone up to 4GB of storage with an expansion card, and stereo Bluetooth 2.0 capability makes it possible to soak in music wirelessly.

AT&T offers the SGH-a737 at AT&T retailers and online for $50 with a two-year contract. It comes in black and lime, black and orange, or black and blue.