AT&T Eternity Packs Touch Screen, 3G

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Giving network subscribers yet another full-touch-screen handset to choose from, AT&T adopted the Samsung Eternity on Friday, also known as the A867. With a 3.2-inch touch panel, 3G Internet, media player and accelerometer, the phone stacks up closely to the iPhone in many regards, but also includes haptic feedback, and a lower price tag.

Much like Samsung’s Sprint-exclusive Instinct, pressing functions on the Eternity cause it to vibrate, giving users a sense of feedback as they make selections. It also has built-in compatibility with AT&T’s Navigator, Mobile Music, and most impressively, Mobile TV, which includes programming from CBS, NBC, ESPN, and Comedy Central, among others.

Samsung has also copped the iPhone’s icon-based interface with its TouchWiz interface, which allows users to drag and drop shortcuts wherever they want on the home screen.

The Eternity is on sale immediately for $150 with a two-year contract and $50 rebate.