AT&T Shows Off Remodeled Cingular Store

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AT&T Wireless, err we mean Cingular, err, we mean AT&T, has unveiled what your neighborhood AT&T cellular products store will look like after they rip out all of the Cingular logos and dress their employees in new AT&T garb. The first AT&T Experience Store is open in Houston and coming soon to a strip mall near you.

The new AT&T Experience Store, which AT&T said will be larger than a typical Cingular store was, will house the unified company’s broadband, video and wireline voice products and services. Typical stores will include various stations where customers will be able to do things like watch demos of various AT&T services, browse the Internet, listen to and download personalized music to laptops or cell phones, interact with multimedia messaging and purchase external wireless features like ringtones, crystal handset designs, and phone “tattoos,” or pictures customers can download to a laptop in-store, print on a sticker, and apply to wireless phones.

The Houston location is the first of many planned conversions of company-owned Cingular stores from wireless-centric spaces to a "high-energy retail format that showcases AT&T’s complete provider profile."

"The AT&T Experience Store in Houston is what the new AT&T is all about,” said Stan Sigman, Wireless president & CEO, AT&T Inc, in a statement. "All of the communications and entertainment products consumers want are in one place, and under one roof.”