Best new apps of the week: Yogify, Google Keep, SoundCloud, and more

Best apps

There are apps for pretty much everything these days, so there’s really no reason to go about your business in a way that doesn’t include your mobile phone or tablet. If there is activity you do or a block of free time that you need to fill up with something, there’s always an app that can help you out with that. To signify the flexibility of mobile apps, we’re leading off this list with a Yoga app. Get it? If that doesn’t do it for you, we’re sure there’s at least new app from the week of March 17-24, 2013 that will catch your eye.

Yogify (new app for iOS)


The tagline of Yogify is, “Yoga shouldn’t be expensive.” Ignore the irony that this app comes from Electronic Arts and consists of $10 of in-app purchases. That does pale in comparison to how much a real yoga class costs, though, and Yogify claims it can replace your yoga instructor. You’ll get 30 hours of video instruction that can be applied for all levels of yogis, from beginners to those who already found their inner peace. Learn over 275 poses, improve your form and performance, and eventually you’ll probably be able to touch the top of your head to your foot.

Google Keep (new app for Android)


Google is always trying out new things – and occasionally it randomly takes them away like Google Reader – so if you’re the creators of a super successful app, you’re always fearful if Google takes an interest in your territory. That is exactly how Evernote must feel right now with Google Keep hitting the marketplace. Keep helps you … keep track of your thoughts and tasks through notes, which are accessible anywhere via Google Drive. Hopefully you’ll never forget anything again. Except Evernote. You might totally forget about that. (Read our Google Keep hands on.)

Soundcloud (app update for iOS and Android)


SoundCloud is no stranger to your mobile device if you’re constantly searching for new music, but the mobile app hasn’t been a fully functional version of the service so far – at least, compared to SoundCloud’s website. Adding to the increasingly feature rich mobile version of SoundCloud is the new ‘Sets’ feature. You can now see collections of tracks in your stream, and build your own sets from within the app. The visual design got a slight tweaking to make everything a bit cleaner, but for the most part this update is all about including sets.

Couch Music Player (new app for iOS)


Like to control your music on your iPad but find Apple’s iTunes option to be a little less than optimal for your experience? Couch Music Player might be a good alternative for you. It’s an app designed specifically to make spinning the tracks you want to hear a lot easier. Build a queue by browsing your library in one column and simply dragging the songs you want to hear over to a playlist. It’s the perfect app for DJing your house party or just building yourself a soundtrack to relax to with ease.

Fetch (new game for iOS)


Big Fish Games is no stranger to making mobile games, but Fetch may be its biggest undertaking yet. With animation and storytelling that will conjure up thoughts of some of your favorite childhood tales and arcade action gameplay to match it, Fetch is as much of a game as it is a visual experience. If you’re not sold on just how artistic this game could be, it is currently on display in the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle. If they’re willing to embrace it, you should too. 

Gmail (app update for Android)


You guys heard of this Gmail thing? Turns out it just got an update on Android. The biggest addition to see its way into this app is the ability to reply to and archive emails straight from your notifications with a single tap. The search feature got some tweaks to speed up and improve its responsiveness, whether you’re online or off. There are also some technical updates on all the little stuff that we probably wouldn’t even notice if it wasn’t included in the update notes. But that’s not particularly exciting.

Hang W/ (new app for iOS)


Hang W/ is part real-time video chat, part social network. You can fire up your phone and live broadcast from wherever you are and have your stream sent out for all to see, from friends to followers to people who just happen to be looking for something to watch and stumble upon you. You can also be notified when people that you follow decide to go live so you can tune in and see what they’re up to. It’s a quick and easy way to live stream stuff and is playing the celebrity card hard, so expect to see some notable names streaming video soon. 

Ravensword: Shadowlands (new game for Android)


Medieval knights. Dinosaurs. Must we say more? Ravensword: Shadowlands is an RPG with a huge explorable world that lives on your mobile device. Utilizing top notch graphics and ragdoll physics, the game looks and feels great and gives you plenty to do. Customize your character with a plethora of weapons, hop on a horse and explore, pick locks and pockets, perform magic, and plenty more. Did we mention you’re a medieval-style knight who can fight dinosaurs?

Pinterest (app update for iOS and Android)


Need a new recipe, or a quick and easy idea for decorating around the house, or just want to look at pictures of attractive people? Your experience doing all of that via Pinterest is about to improve with a new update to both the iOS and Android versions. The update matches the new features added to the Web client. This means you cans now check out “people who have also pinned” to further your discoveries. You can also now edit profile from within the app.