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Best Mobile Games on All Platforms: Android, iOS, WP, W8, BB10

More people play games on the top mobile platforms than on traditional consoles or computers nowadays. The quality and quantity of mobile games has soared, and their audience has grown well beyond traditional gamers. But how do you find the games worth playing? You can start by looking right here at ten great mobile games that span the platform divide. These are the best mobile games that are available on all platforms.

Angry Birds Star Wars (Free – $5)Angry_Birds_Star_Wars_icon

Mash together one of the most-loved movie franchises of all time with one of the most successful mobile games ever created and you’ve got Angry Birds Star Wars. Feathered rebels take on the might of the Pigtroopers and Darth Vader. The game is instantly accessible for everyone; it’s highly polished, addictive, physics-based mayhem, and it’s packed with comical references to the Star Wars universe. It’s free for Android and BlackBerry, it costs a dollar for iOS and Windows Phone, and it’ll set you back $5 for Windows 8.

Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8 | BlackBerry

Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay

Radiant Defense (Free)Radiant_Defense_icon

Tower defense games have enjoyed massive success on mobile devices and deservedly so. This classic example challenges you to repel wave after wave of invading aliens by building an impregnable space fortress. Beyond the vibrant, distinctive look there is real depth to the challenge. If you’re struggling to progress then in-app purchases will unlock new weaponry. It is tough, but persistence pays off and you can actually go far without having to shell out any real cash if you use that superior human brain of yours.

Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8 | BlackBerry


Where’s My Water? ($1 – $1.50)Wheres_My_Water_icon

Disney brings you a physics-based puzzler that the whole family can enjoy with this title. The original aim was to channel water past obstacles in each level so that Swampy the Alligator could have a shower, but it has grown to encompass new challenges, like cleaning Cranky’s plate and finding mystery ducks. There are over 400 levels now and the game is growing at the rate of three new levels every week. This is charming and challenging, and it’s great value for a dollar (just add 50 cents for the Windows 8 version).

Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8 | BlackBerry


Jetpack Joyride (Free)Jetpack_Joyride_icon

Can you fly Barry Steakfries through the secret laboratory and defeat the evil scientists? Strap on that jetpack and find out. A wide range of missions, power-ups, collectibles, and enemies will keep you coming back for more of this insanely addictive game. The side-scrolling action is extremely polished and the in-app purchase options are unobtrusive. Developer, Halfbrick, was also responsible for Fruit Ninja. The WP8 version has been announced and should be landing any day now, but it’s already available on all the other platforms.

Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8 | BlackBerry


Doodle God (Free – $3)Doodle_God_icon

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to play God then here it is. Starting with just four elements, you must combine things to create the essential building blocks of life. To be honest, a lot of them are more comical than essential, but you’ll have a lot of fun trying to uncover all the possibilities. It’s a refreshingly different gameplay experience and the developers have added a lot of new content, including mini-games, since it was first released.

Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8 | BlackBerry


Robotek (Free)Robotek_icon

The neon, retro-robot art style and trance soundtrack will suck you into Robotek and the turn-based blend of strategy and RPG will hold you prisoner as you battle through more than 200 levels. Your aim is to seize control of power nodes and repel the android invaders. A skill system, upgrades galore, and the ability to engage friends in multiplayer, conspire to create some real replay value. You’ll need some luck to emerge victorious, but the in-app purchases are genuinely optional.

Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8 | BlackBerry


Fruit Ninja (Free – $5)Fruit_Ninja_icon

Can you slash the fruit in two as it’s thrown into the air on your touchscreen? This ingeniously addictive game turns your finger into a samurai sword and takes full advantage of swipe gestures to offer gaming fun that anyone can get into. Even the British Prime Minister plays Fruit Ninja. For a quick blast of diverting action, there are few games better. It has been announced for BB10, but isn’t available yet. It’s free on Android, $1 for iOS and WP, and a hefty $5 for Windows 8.

Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8 | BlackBerry

fruit ninja screenshot windows phone 7 game

Shark Dash ($1 – $2)Shark_Dash_icon

The rubber ducks have kidnapped your girlfriend and you’ll have to eat them to win her back. Never mind the daft plot, Shark Dash is an absorbing physics-based puzzler that offers plenty of cute, casual gaming fun. New obstacles, new abilities, and new challenges ensure that the difficulty curve is just right to keep you playing. It has been announced for WP8, but it’s not in the marketplace yet. You can enjoy nearly 100 levels for $2 on Windows 8, or for $1 on the other platforms right now.

Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8 | BlackBerry


Plants vs Zombies ($1 – $5)Plants_vs_Zombies_icon

The zombies are attacking, but luckily you have a range of plants that can stop them in their tracks. Get your green fingers working overtime if you want to conquer this classic tower defense title. There’s plenty of variety to keep things interesting; you’ll encounter different types of undead and unlock handy power-ups as you progress. The game is not exactly the same on each platform, and it hasn’t landed on Windows 8 just yet.

Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8 | BlackBerry


Cut the Rope (Free – $1)Cut_the_Rope_icon

Feeding candy to a little green monster by cutting ropes and letting it fall into his open mouth can prove trickier than it sounds. This is another super-cute, highly-polished, physics-based game that anyone can pick up and play. It really takes advantage of the touchscreen with intuitive controls and it’s extremely tough to put down until you’ve beaten all 350 levels. Thankfully, the developers are always adding more content.

Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8 | BlackBerry

Cut the rope

That’s all folks. If you want to add a favorite mobile game to the list then please post a comment. Remember to check back often, because we’ll update this list of the best mobile games on all platforms regularly. 

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