Best Windows Phone Games

best windows phone games mobile smartphoneIt’s not often that one can say Microsoft is an underdog. The company is one of the largest in the world and easily the most notable name in personal computing. But when it comes to the mobile phone market, Microsoft has yet to make a noticeable dent. After some tough attempts at breaking in, they may have finally found a nice niche with the Windows Phone. The operating system still isn’t knocking on iOS or Android’s door, but it has picked up dedicated user base. Keeping fans in the fickle phone market can be tough, but Microsoft have kept their users happy. Perhaps a great selection of games for those on the go have helped. Here’s some of our favorite games for Windows Phones.

armed! logoARMED! ($2.50)

A delicious blend of lasers, gigantic mechs, missiles, and force fields, this is a futuristic war for resources. It looks like a typical sci-fi RTS (real-time strategy), but it’s actually a turn-based action game, which makes for excellent online multiplayer. You’ll need to learn about the tactical advantages of the terrain across the five environments, master the intricacies of 12 offensive and defensive units, and spend wisely on unit upgrades and special attacks if you expect to win. It’s all wrapped in a polished package that’s essential gaming for strategy fans.


doom & destiny logoDoom & Destiny ($2.50)

If you’re a fan of old school RPGs in the Final Fantasy mold then you’ll love this witty parody of the genre. First and foremost this is an excellent RPG with turn-based combat, plenty of exploration, side quests, secrets to uncover, and great characters. The plot is a lot of fun and it’s full of references and satirical digs at titans of the genre. It’s a unique game that was obviously a labor of love for the developers. As an indie game, it’s not perfectly polished, but it is endearingly quirky.


ragdoll run logoRagdoll Run (Free)

The endless runner genre seems to be endlessly popular, as well. That’s partly because the games are so easy to play. There are two controls at play here – jump and rotate – and you have to tap or swipe your way past the 3D obstacles with your cute ragdoll character. Plenty of coins and power-ups are available to snatch as you accelerate along and give your reflexes a real test. The game looks gorgeous and it’s a lot of fun in short blasts. You can splash out $1 to remove the ads and unlock some more characters if you get hooked.

ragdoll run screenshot

qonor logoQONQR (Free)

Looking for something a little different? This location-based MMOG is based on real world maps. It’s essentially a sci-fi themed war between three factions across 3 million battle zones in 250 countries across the world. There’s a definite learning curve here, but it will creep under your skin the more time you invest. You’ll need to physically travel to really get into the action, so it’s perfect for playing when you’re out and about, and you can dip into it in short bursts once you understand the system. If you’ve yet to try a game with a real world setting then this is a good place to start.

qonor screenshot

Contre Jour iconContre Jour ($3)

Can you guide central character, Petit, through a range of beautifully crafted, physics-based puzzles? Find out in the visually stunning Contre Jour, which bills itself as a bridge between games and interactive art. The name is French for “against daylight” and that idea feeds into the murky environments and the haunting soundtrack. If you imagine the Gothic child of World of Goo and Cut the Rope then you’re imagining Contre Jour.


Carcassonne-iconCarcassonne ($3)

Fans will be familiar with this addictive strategic board game which has made its way onto many platforms over the years. It’s a turn-based game where you draw tiles and place them on the board to build up a unique map. There are cities, roads, fields, and other tiles, and you score by placing your “meeple” on them. It’s easy to pick up, but very hard to master – the perfect formula for a game because it’s accessible and then grows increasingly strategically complex the more you play.


Fling-iconFling ($3)

Your one basic aim in Fling is to push your furballs around until you can bump all but one off the screen. There are a few different modes to spice things up and there are thousands of unique puzzle boards with 30 levels of difficulty that gradually increase the challenge. Anyone can pick this up and play. It’s ideal for short bursts of distracting puzzle gameplay and once it gets under your skin you might struggle to put it down again.

Fling screenshot

Skulls-of-the-Shogun-iconSkulls of the Shogun ($5)

This is the first title that Microsoft has released simultaneously for Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Xbox 360. It’s a turn-based strategy game with an irresistible samurai afterlife setting. The aim of each bout is to defeat the opposing general with your ghostly troops. Unit types all have different strengths and weaknesses. You can heal by eating defeated enemy skulls, rice is the game currency, and summoning shrines allow you conjure reinforcements. There’s plenty of help to make it accessible for newbies and the cartoon art style works really well.


Sonic CD icon windows phone app gameSonic CD ($5)

If you have fond memories of Sonic the Hedgehog doing battle with Dr. Eggman (or Robotnik, if you prefer) then you can relive all that ring collecting, platform madness on your Windows Phone with Sonic CD. The original U.S. and Japanese soundtracks are in there, it supports 16:9 widescreen, and there are achievements and leaderboards. This is a solid port of one of the best games of the nineties.

Sonic CD screenshot

draw something icon windows phone game appDraw Something ($3)

The addictive multiplayer fun of Draw Something has landed on Windows Phone and you can play with other people who are on iOS and Android devices. It challenges you to draw a variety of words that other players have to guess and vice versa. It’s basically Pictionary on your phone and it usually provokes a few laughs. The lack of a competitive edge makes it relaxing and fun to dip into to when you’re at a loose end.

draw something screenshot

Civilization icon windows phone game appCivilization Revolution ($3)

You don’t have to play casual games on your smartphone; there is the odd title that will challenge you with a bit more strategic depth. The legendary Civilization series has consumed many an hour for PC gamers and now it comes to Windows Phone. This version is simplified and that makes it immediately accessible whether you’re a Civ addict or a newcomer. Can you build your fledgling nation into a world dominating empire? It’s time to find out.

Civilization screenshot windows phone game apps

Minecraft icon windows phone game appSurvivalcraft ($4)

There is no Pocket Minecraft for Windows Phone so you might want to try this instead. It’s all about exploration and construction. You are marooned on an island at the start and you’ll find yourself roaming the blocky world, mining resources and crafting tools and weapons with the simple aim of surviving. It is a clone, but it’s a fairly good one and the developers have released a steady stream of updates so it is improving all the time.

Minecraft screenshot survivalcraft

angry birds icon windows phone 7 gameAngry Birds ($1)

What is a list of great mobile games without Angry Birds? While it might be an obvious choice, it’s that way for a reason. Angry Birds is undoubtably one of the most fun and addictive games that you can house on your handset. Load up some flying feathered friends and send them for a ride as you try to topple the fortresses of pigs that have stolen precious eggs. It’s about as much of a classic as one can get in the young world of mobile games, but none of its original appeal has worn off.

angry birds screenshot windows phone 7 game

fruit ninja icon windows phone 7 gameFruit Ninja ($1)

Every warrior has to start somewhere — you can’t just go out and start breaking boards and cinderblocks on day one. There’s no better way to work your way up to unleashing your inner kung-fu than with Fruit Ninja. The concept is silly and the construct is simple, but don’t be surprised if you fire up this game at the start of a commute and you go a few extra stops just to keep playing. Fruit of all sorts comes flying across the screen and its your job to chop it up as fast as possible, launching juice in all directions. If only making fruit salad was this fun.

fruit ninja screenshot windows phone 7 game

little acorns icon windows phone 7 game appLittle Acorns ($3)

There are few things more determined than a squirrel that wants to protect its stash of nuts. Little Acorns gives you the chance to help out a furry friend by guiding him through 80 levels in attempts to prepare for winter. Little Acorns channels the gameplay of classic platformer mechanics and the undeniable appeal of an adorable squirrel to create a game experience that is tough to put down. How can you not help the little guy get ready for the oncoming cold? Especially when it’s so fun.

little acorns screenshot windows phone 7 game app

pool pro online 3 windows phone 7 app gamePool Pro Online 3 ($3)

Pool is a game that has been around for generations, ever since the cavemen used sticks to hit rocks into holes in the ground. While that information is completely unfounded, here’s something that is true: Pool Pro Online 3 is a blast. It takes the familiar game of pocket billiards and really emphasizes the “pocket” part by putting it on your phone. Then it cranks up the competition with online play against friends or strangers. Work your way up the leader boards to prove you’re a true pool shark.

pool pro online screenshot windows phone 7 game app

feed me oil icon windows phone 7 game appFeed Me Oil ($1)

One occasionally has to wonder just way oil tycoons make so much money for just happening across the strange black liquid. If Feed Me Oil gives any insight into what a oil worker has to deal with on a daily basis, whatever they make isn’t enough. The game presents a weird world where the ground is alive with crazy creatures that crave crude oil. You’ll have to direct the black gold from a broken pipe to the mouths of these odd little characters. Use the tools provided, but mostly use your brain to make it through this quirky puzzler.

feed me oil screenshot windows phone 7 game app

istunt 2 icon windows phone 7 game appiStunt 2 ($3)

Watching extreme sports events can often make one tempted to attempt the action they see on screen. Save yourself the embarrassment of performing a flurry of face plants by getting iStunt 2. The game takes you to the virtual slopes and puts you in control of a snowboarder that is more than capable of pulling off the most insane of in-air moves. With a great physics engine, awesome action, and game bolstering boosts, iStunt 2 has all the excitement of sliding down the slope with none of the dangers of having a piece of plastic strapped to your feet.

istunt 2 screenshot windows phone 7 game app

tiki towers icon windows phone 7 game appTiki Towers ($3)

Visit any zoo and take a look at the monkeys. They are fascinating creatures for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s because how close their actions mirror our own and sometimes it’s because they fling around inappropriate items. The monkeys in Tiki Towers are a little more sophisticated than that. These primates have built some bamboo-based creations to help them navigate some puzzling and tough terrain in hopes of discovering lost treasure. Play through 45 levels across 5 islands as you help the monkeys achieve their ultimate goal.

tiki towers screenshot windows phone 7 game app

zombies!!! icon windows phone 7 app gameZombies!!! ($5)

The idea of a zombie apocalypse has become a bit marginalized by its overuse in pop culture. One can’t take a trip to the movie theater, flip channels, of walk into a trendy t-shirt shop without seeing something referencing zombies. But don’t let the over-saturation fool you, the threat is out there. Nothing makes it more apparent than Zombies!!!, a game that puts you right in the middle of an undead uprising. Fight through infested territories as you try to survive the onslaught of corpses. It’s a blast and great training for the day the inevitable real life infection spreads.

zombies!!! screenshot windows phone 7 game app

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