Cases for the iPhone Nano, Before it Exists

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There’s no such thing as an iPhone Nano, but if you believe the guys that make silicon sleeves and cases for every Apple product under the sun, they’re on the way.  Two manufacturers of cases have so far added “iPhone Nano” pages to their pages, despite the apparent lack of a phone to fit them on just yet.

Chinese manufacturer XSKN added its category just prior to Christmas, and while details from the site are nonexistent, it does have a successful track record of adding cases for Apple items that haven’t come out yet. According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, XKSN had iPhone 3G cases out long before the phones were formally announced by Apple, and fourth-generation iPod Nano cases as well.

Vaja, a maker of decidedly high-end cases for a number of different devices, added an iPhone Nano product category to its page earlier this week, but has since removed it. While the link was active, it merely asked customers to submit their e-mail address to be notified when iPhone Nano cases were available.

Though Mac fans still furiously debate whether the case companies’ moves are a sign of things to come or just ploys for attention, the truth or falsity of such claims should come out at the Macworld 2009 Expo on Jan. 5, where the announcement of an iPhone Nano would likely come, if it exists.