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ChargeCard is a slim iPhone USB charger that fits in a wallet


Detailed extensively on Kickstarter and launched just two days ago, an industrial designer and recent college graduate have developed a thin iPhone charging device that can be slipped into a wallet just like a credit card. Rather than carry around the standard white iPhone charging cable, consumers that own the ChargeCard will be able to slip the thin device into a pocket or purse when on the move.

According to the team, the ChargeCard is about the size of a business card and approximately three times thicker than a credit card. In the middle of the card, the USB stick portion of the charging card swings out from the middle in order to attach to any USB port. That means someone can charge their iPhone at a high definition television or game console like the Xbox 360 as well as devices that typically come with standard USB ports like laptops and desktop computers.

chargecard-iphoneIt’s likely that the project will be completely funded within the first 72 hours. At the time of this post, the team has raised approximately $45,000 of the initial $50,000 goal. While the $18 early bird special has already sold out, anyone interested in the charging device can pay $20 and should receive the card during September 2012.

Kickstarter backers can choose between three different colors; black, white and teal on brown. In addition, anyone that wants to contribute $30 to the Kickstarter campaign can get the limited edition “Birds-on-Wire” ChargeCard. Other price levels include the ChargeCard with a name engraving as well as bundles of ChargeCards sold at a discount in case a Kickstarter backer wants to give them out as gifts to friends with iPhones. 

Regarding compatibility with the iPhone 5, the team is unsure if the ChargeCard design will be compatible as Apple is rumored to modify the 30-pin connector design at the bottom of the smartphone. In addition, iPhone users that own a LifeProof case won’t be able to take advantage of the ChargeCard as the case extends to far below the bottom of the phone. Beyond the iPhone, the team is also working on a version of the card that offers a micro-USB connection. This would allow Android and Blackberry users to take advantage of the slim design as well. 

popAnother Kickstarter project related to charging mobile devices recently hit the funding goal this week. Created by a Santa Monica design laboratory called Edison Jr., the POP is a portable power device with retractable charging cords for popular devices like the iPad and Kindle as well as Android devices. With a rechargeable 25,000 mAh battery, the POP is the highest capacity and least expensive charging device on the consumer electronics market according to the company’s research.

Ideal for use at the pool, within a coffee shop or in a remote location, the POP can fully charge up to ten iPhones on a single charge. The retractable cords will extend a minimum of three feet from the circular device and it will come with two additional USB ports for other devices. In addition, five blue indicator lights on the bottom of the device will indicate the remaining battery life.

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