Cingular Adds 46 Cell Sites to Las Vegas

Cingular Wireless has added a total of 46 new cell sites in the Las Vegas area since the beginning of 2006. The new sites are part of a $46 million network investment planned this year. Las Vegas will now have a total of 55 new cell sites in operation. There was no mention as to how much 3G coverage the area receives from Cingular.

"Providing our customers across the strip and beyond with high quality wireless coverage and service is our top priority, "said Tammi Terrell, vice president and general manager for Las Vegas/San Diego/Hawaii. "Our efforts this year are focused on strengthening and building out our network in the areas and travel corridors that are important to our customers."

The new cell sites activated this year have led to service improvements in these areas:

Las Vegas — 43 sites added
– 5 new sites on or near the Las Vegas Blvd "Strip"
– 38 new sites in the Las Vegas Valley including:
– North — W. Craig Rd. & Allen Ln.
– West — Summerlin Parkway & N. Rampart Blvd.
– Southwest — Warm Springs Rd. & S. Rainbow Blvd.
– East — N. Lamb Blvd. & E. Washington Ave.

North Las Vegas – 3 sites added
– Washburn Rd. & Willis St.
– W. Cheyenne Ave. & N. Commerce St.
– E. Rome Blvd. & W. Centennial Parkway