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Cingular Packs TeleNav for Nokia E62

Cingular Packs TeleNav for Nokia E62

Cingular Wireless says it is the first wireless carriers in the U.S. to roll out a 3D moving maps and “fuzzy search” capabilities in a GPS application by introducing TeleNav GPS Navigator for the Nokia E62 smartphone, currently available for as low a $99.

“Mobile GPS navigation is rapidly becoming a defining capability in the U.S. and now customers using converged mobile devices for data applications can also realize the benefit of having navigation on their device,” said Sean Ryan, a research analyst at IDC, in a statement.

The TeleNav GPS Navigation software offers voice and on-screen turn-by-turn directions and colorful, moving three-dimensional maps on the E62’s built-in 320 by 240 LCD display. Like in-car navigation systems, the map disla turns, stops, and moves along with the driver, while displaying a realistic image of upcoming streets. Users can also pan and zoom to view surrounding streets (you know, in case looking out the window isn’t practical).

“The availability of the enhanced version of TeleNav GPS Navigator initially on the Nokia E62 device adds even more value to what is already an outstanding business device,” said Jeff Bradley, Cingular’s VP of business data services. “Not only do Cingular’s E62 customers have a great wireless email and Web browsing experience, they can now use the latest in wireless navigational technology for handhelds to boost productivity by more easily and quickly getting to job sites, business meetings and the like.”

TeleNav GPS Navigator also offers a Biz Finder feature, so users can locate restaurants, theaters, ATMs, hotels, gas stations, and the like, a Fuel Finder which claims to tag the lowest gas prices in a 5-mile or wider radius, a Spot Marker to help users locate their parked cards, and a Pedestrian Mode more suited to walking downtown streets.

TeleNav GPS Navigator is also available for Cingular customers with the HP iPAQ hw6920 Series Mobile Communicator, the Cingular 8525 and 8125 Pocket PCs, and the Palm Treo 650. If a device doesn’t have GPS built in, they’ll need a Bluetooth GPS receiver. Subscribing to TeleNav GPS Navigator costs $5.99 a month for up to 10 trips, or $9.99 a month for unlimited trips; subscription charges are over and above data plans. Subscription do include automatic map and point-of-interest updates—gotta think those gas prices are gonna need updating.

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