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Cluzee is Android’s latest answer to Siri

cluzeeAndroid users with App envy may be interested in the latest Siri Contender from a startup named Tronton. The company launched Cluzee on Tuesday, labeled as a “talking intelligent personal digital assistant,” and the app has began to create some buzz.

Cluzee is a free download, 19M in size and is available for those Android devices running 2.1 or above. Productivity is the keyword in the company’s statement and demonstrating video. The intelligent app does the speaking bit and supposedly understands natural language variations along with the voice recognition commands, thought Iain Thomson over at The Register believes Cluzee doesn’t like British accents.

The app reads emails aloud, replies to texts and converts voice to text. Cluzee keeps you organized with a Day Planner as well as a health planner that tracks calories and helps you exercise. You can command it to handle social media like Twitter or Facebook and there’s also a personal radio option.

Along with the information organization comes a shopping feature that gives you recommendations on travel and more, filtered based on your personal shopping habits. Local searches, powered by Groupon and Yipit, will also find you the best deals in your area.

The question is: Will Cluzee be enough to counter Apple’s much touted Siri, or will it join the rest of the malformed clones like Iris, Vlingo, Speaktoit or Jeannie? Scott Webster at Cnet says the app definitely has its limitations and he can see “plenty of opportunity for future updates,” but is a decent 1.0 offering. Other users who have downloaded the app have complained of force close and freezing trouble. The search for a suitable Siri Slayer may have to continue, but let us know what you think if you happen to download.

Correction: Vlingo is not a Siri clone.

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