Consumers Want Multimedia Mobile Phones

Media Phones: The Next Portable Media Player?, the latest report from TDG Research, finds that among Internet households who also use a cell phone, 42% would be comfortable listening to music and 30% would be comfortable watching TV or movies on their cell phone.

“More than 70% of US households in general, and 93% of Internet households in particular, now own at least one cell phone,” says Dale Gilliam III, analyst with The Diffusion Group. “Among Internet households in particular, enjoying digital mobile multimedia is becoming increasingly attractive. Consumers are looking for convenient ways to access their digital media and the mobile phone offers an intuitive, familiar, and comfortable form factor through which to enjoy this content.”

The following are some of the key findings from the study:

  • Among Internet households who own a cell phone, more than 25% are interested in having a digital music player on their cell phone.
  • Among those Internet households likely to cancel their landline phone service and go “mobile only,” 53% are comfortable listening to music on their cell phone, while 38% are comfortable watching TV or movies.
  • Among the various age groups, younger heads-of-household are most comfortable with the idea of consuming multimedia content on their mobile phone. Almost 60% of 18 to 24 year-old Internet heads-of-household are comfortable listening to music on their cell phone, while 46% watching TV or movies.