Emirates Allows In-Flight Mobile Calls

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedEmirates, the airline based in Dubai, has become the first to allow the use of mobile phones for making calls and sending texts during flights.   So farit’s only been done on a flight between Dubai and Casablanca, on an Airbus A340 that had been fitted with special equipment to prevent the calls affecting electronic flight systems, but it willbe expanded to other planes and routes, the BBC reports. Later this year the company will be able to accommodate BlackBerrys and other smart phones.   The system will only be allowed once theplane reaches cruising altitude, and can be monitored and controlled by the cabin crew, who will prevent voice calls during night flights, when they might disturb other passengers. Nor will there bethe chirping of ringtones, as passengers will be asked to keep their phones on silent.   The airline, which flies to some 60 countries, has introduced the service because of passenger demand.The system, developed by Aeromobile, has the approval of the international air safety groups.   AeroMobile Chief Executive Bjorn-Taale Sandberg said,  "We have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that all safety and regulatory issues have been fully addressed."