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Oppo teases the Find 7, which could be home to 2014’s top smartphone tech

Oppo R819

Chinese manufacturer Oppo has impressed us this year, particularly with the innovative N1 camera phone, so it’s natural for us to wonder what it has planned for the future. Through its own account on the social network Weibo, it has teased the forthcoming arrival of the Find 7, a name which links back to a rumored device with some very exciting specs indeed.

Oppo has used the Find brand name several times in the past, and although the number often applies to the screen size, if the rumors are correct this time, it’ll change ever so slightly. Apparently, the Find 7 will have a 5.7-inch display, making it slightly smaller than the 5.9-inch Oppo N1.

So, you may be expecting us to say the Find 7 will have a 1080p resolution, right? Wrong, the leak states it’s going to have a whopping 2560 x 1440 pixels, or 1440p. If this turns out to be correct, the Find 7 could be one of the first to feature such a high resolution screen on a smartphone.

Oppo Find 7 TeaserThe rumor doesn’t run out of steam there either, as the processor inside the Find 7 may be Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 805. Announced several weeks ago, the quad-core 805 has a potential top speed of 2.5GHz, and is specially designed to handle 1440p screen resolutions or even higher.

Other leaked specs for the Find 7 include 3GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel camera, and a 5-megapixel front cam. This suggests it won’t be getting the same swiveling camera module seen on the Oppo N1. Finally, presumably thanks to the Snapdragon 805, the Find 7 should be Oppo’s first 4G LTE device. Is this all true? Perhaps, but the Find 7 name makes us wonder if the device will be a 7-inch tablet, while the rumored spec could have been confused with another Chinese phone coming soon, the Vivo XPlay 3S.

All this wonderful new tech does indicate the Find 7 won’t be launching tomorrow anyway. Qualcomm says the Snapdragon 805 won’t find its way into hardware we can buy until mid-2014, so we shouldn’t expect the wraps to be taken off the Find 7 until Mobile World Congress, at the very earliest.

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