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Futuristic Ford E-Bike Concept includes Android integration


Ford Motor Company has strayed from its usual four-wheel creations to debut the high-tech Ford E-Bike Concept, which delivers next-generation electric car technology into a sleek, two-wheeled design.

Unveiled at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, the Ford E-Bike Concept was created “to show how the company’s design language can translate to a bicycle,” and to show off the company’s “electric mobility competence,” according to the press release.

The E-Bike’s bold, trapezoidal frame is meant to accommodate the biking needs of both men and women alike. And the aluminum and carbon fiber construction gives the frame a light weight of roughly 5.5 pounds. Mag-style wheels cap off the bike’s look in the front and back.

Ford has packed an electric motor into the front hub, which is powered by a lithium-ion battery that promises a travel distance of about 53 miles on a single charge.

In the “cutting-edge technology” part of the bike, the E-Bike also has sensors taken from the world of F1 racing, which allow the bike detect how hard you are pedaling, and then apply the appropriate amount of power to compensate.

The settings for the sensors are controlled with an Android phone, like the Samsung Galaxy S II, for example. The phone attaches to the handle bars, and also shows rider data, like speed and distance traveled, as well as more advanced functions like service reminders, which are normally reserved for cars.

Other components include a Shimano Alfine 11-speed internal gear hub and a 2012 Shimano Rapidfire shifter. Ford has replaced a standard chain with a Carbon Belt Drive System for more efficient power delivery.

Ford has not yet announced plans to put its E-Bike into production. If it does, would you buy one?

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