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Andrew Couts

Andrew Couts

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Features Editor for Digital Trends, Andrew Couts covers a wide swath of consumer technology topics, with particular focus on the intersection of technology, law, politics, and policy. Prior to Digital Trends, Couts served as associate editor of, executive editor of, assistant editor of Maxim magazine, and writer/editorial assistant of Stuff magazine. In his few moments spent away from a computer, Couts can be found hiking with his dog, or blasting around on motorcycles.

How to access your iCloud Photo Stream from your Mac

Taking full advantage of My Photo Stream is extremely easy on any device. We show you how to access your iCloud Photo Stream from your Mac using two methods.
facebook to start testing wi fi drones next year mark zuckerberg internet laser for good or evil 2

Will Mark Zuckerberg use his Internet-laser drones for good or for evil?

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg plans to use "drones, satellites, and lasers" to supply Internet to those without access. Is that such a good idea?
google video explains handles search warrants user data screen shot 2014 03 27 at 1 14 12 pm

Google video reveals how the company handles search warrants for user data

For governments and law enforcement, Google is an increasingly popular place to gather information on suspects, according to its new Transparency Report.
redditor loses bitcoin bet eats hat video proof reddit user

Redditor eats a hat – yes, a hat – after losing $1,000 Bitcoin bet, posts video proof

A Bitcoin believer on Reddit put his money where his mouth is after losing a bet that the price of a Bitcoin would remain at $1,000 “come January 1st.”

As Oculus found out, ‘selling out’ isn’t just for bands anymore

Musicians no longer have to worry about "selling out" to make a buck. But Facebook's acquisition of Oculus VR shows tech companies now do.
Obama ending metadata collection

Washington’s plans to ‘end’ NSA telephone metadata collection: What you need to know

Both the Obama administration and members of the House have plans to 'end' the NSA's collection of telephone metadata. Here's everything you need to know.
Couts e-liquids

The NY Times is blowing smoke: Toothpaste poisons more people than vaping liquid

A new report from The New York Times demonizes e-cigarette e-liquid as a dangerous killer. But the real danger is ignorant, irresponsible people.
edward snowdens ted talk cyborgs snowden selfie bret hartman

As Snowden roams free in robot form, our cyborg future has arrived

Edward Snowden used a Beam telepresence robot to do an on-stage interview at the 2014 TED Talks in Vancouver. In other words, our cyborg future is here.
gopro developing consumer drones for 2015 launch report says dji phantom with hero hd2

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope – it’s a drone stealing your identity

Security researchers have developed a new technology that uses drones to secretly steal sensitive information from your smartphone.
twitter acquires zipdial bid expand presence emerging markets timeline

Want to find your first tweet? New Twitter tool makes it easy

Twitter has released a new tool that makes it fast and easy to find your first tweet.
dorian s nakamoto bitcoin newsweek satoshi

Newsweek’s Bitcoin creator ‘unconditionally’ denies any involvement in Bitcoin

Dorian Satoshi Nakamto, the California man alleged in a Newsweek cover story to be the creator of Bitcoin, 'unconditionally' denies involvement in Bitcoin.
NSA metadata collection

What can snoops learn from your metadata? Way more than you thought

Telephone metadata can reveal a staggering amount of personal details about our lives, a new study shows. And it's time for us to take action.
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg called President Obama over NSA spying, dubs it ‘a threat’ to the Internet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he called President Obama to express is "frustration" over NSA surveillance.
squirt bookmarklet lets read webpage 950 words per minute screen shot 2014 03 12 at 5

Read any website at 950 words per minute with this Squirt bookmarklet

Squirt, a bookmarklet for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, lets users read the Web at up to 950 words per minute.
facebook eye

NSA pretended to be Facebook in its effort to infect ‘millions’ of computers

As part of its efforts to install malware on “millions” of computers, the NSA impersonated Facebook to trick targets into downloading malicious code.
snowden live talk privacy impact president trump wants more security

Snowden wants more security, but are we too lazy for more locks?

Edward Snowden says we need widespread end-to-end encryption. He's right. But many tech users may not want to listen.

Edward Snowden at SXSW: Encryption is the answer to NSA surveillance

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden told the crowd at SXSW 2014 that better encryption tools are the best way to limit mass government surveillance.
stun gun drone cupid copter

The CUPID stun gun drone will hunt you down, zap you into submission

Chaotic Moon Studios has combined two terrifying things – stun guns and drones – to make the ultimate in high-flying DIY weaponry.
newsweek satoshi nakamoto privacy anonymity is online

We are all Satoshi Nakamoto: Newsweek proves how fragile our anonymity is online

Newsweek's outing of Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto is scary because we can imagine it happening to us.
bitcoin creator satoshi nakamoto revealed 3670 3 7 fe0108 04

Bitcoin enthusiasts are boiling after Newsweek unmasks its secretive inventor

In a blockbuster new report, Newsweek claims to have unmasked the identity of 'Satoshi Nakamoto,' the creator of Bitcoin. His real name? Satoshi Nakamoto.
yahoo ditches facebook google login option fantasy sports

Yahoo Fantasy Sports users won’t lose their data after Facebook, Google ID drop

Yahoo plans to stop allowing users of its services to sign in with their Facebook or Google ID credentials. So, what happens to those accounts?
stephen colbert rsa conference 2014 keynote video

Watch Stephen Colbert’s full NSA-ripping 2014 RSA Conference keynote

Just like the NSA’s top-secret documents, Stephen Colbert’s controversial keynote speech the 2014 RSA cybersecurity conference has leaked onto the Web.

$620,000 theft kills another Bitcoin exchange, but Bitcoin prices still rise

Thieves have delivered a fatal blow to the second Bitcoin exchange in a week – but that hasn’t stopped the rising value of the embattled cryptocurrency.

Lesson learned? After Bitcoin’s Mt. Gox meltdown, the real test begins

The implosion of Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has left the entire industry in shock. Can it pick up the pieces and rebuild stronger on its own?
mt gox hit class action lawsuit mark karpeles

Mt. Gox hit with class action lawsuit over $400 million Bitcoin loss

After losing 750,000 Bitcoins belonging to customers, Mt. Gox and its CEO Mark Karpeles have been hit with the first inevitable class action lawsuit.
uk spies snooped yahoo users webcams shutterstock 96796105

UK spies snooped on Yahoo users’ sexy webcam chats

The UK’s GCHQ intelligence agency covertly collected snapshots of millions of Yahoo users’ video chats, which included countless 'sexually explicit' videos.
us senator wants ban bitcoin joe manchin official portrait 112th congress

US senator wants to ‘ban’ Bitcoin, but gives Dogecoin a pass (Updated)

Following Mt. Gox collapse, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin has requested that the federal government “ban” Bitcoin entirely.
whatsapp offline message facebook feature

As Facebook plants its flag in WhatsApp, will it pillage or protect user privacy?

What will happen to WhatsApp user privacy now that the messaging service is owned by Facebook?
whatsapp temporarily banned in brazil version 1450334473 facebook buys feature

Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion – yes, billion

Facebook announced late Wednesday that it has acquired messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion. Yes, that’s billion, with a “b.”
fcc finally delves into netflixisp squabble calls for peering documents thomas wheeler

FCC to bring net neutrality back from the dead with new ‘open Internet’ rules

The FCC said today that it plans to create new "network neutrality" rules that will keep Internet service providers from favoring certain types of traffic.
first bitcoin machine us bgxsynnceaaja l

First Bitcoin vending machine in US fires up in New Mexico cigar bar

Bitcoin vending machine manufacturer Lamassu announced today the launch of the first known Bitcoin sales kiosk operating in the United States.

Spies monitored WikiLeaks visitors in real time, Snowden docs show

Newly revealed documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal that American and British spy agencies targeted whistleblower publication WikiLeaks since 2008.
house of cards canceled netflix kevin spacey

What binge-watching House of Cards taught me about life, death, and snacks

House of Cards season 2 is out, and ready for you to binge-watch.
context internets chilling effect jokes couts internet gone wrong

Are you kidding me? When you can’t tell, the Web can be a dangerous place to joke

The Internet is good for making fun of people we think deserve it. But what if we simply lack the context to know when someone is simply joking?