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beam ces 2014 yikes 1

This iPad on a stick with wheels is officially the creepiest thing at CES

The Beam remote presence solution sounds like a good idea. Too bad it's the Segway of teleconferencing.
ces 2014 everything watching is us v2

At CES 2014, everything is watching you

CES 2014 shows us that the future of consumer technology means giving up the last remaining shred of privacy we enjoy. But don't worry, it's not so bad.
hands vuse worlds smartest e cigarette lead

Meet Vuse, the world’s smartest e-cigarette

Vuse e-cigarettes are the first to pack a microprocessor that adjusts battery output 2,000 times per second to deliver a consistent vape no matter what.
trackingpoint ar smart rifle hands on img 2108

TrackingPoint’s new AR Smart Rifle is so accurate, targets don’t stand a chance

TrackingPoint's new 500 Series AR Smart Rifles allow virtually anyone to hit targets at up to 500 yards away. At CES 2014, we got the world's first hands on.
slowly surely ces getting mojo back sharp 2014

CES is finally getting its mojo back

Reports of the death of CES have been greatly exaggerated. And this year, the world's biggest consumer technology show has come back to life in new ways.
makerbot pulls big guns three new replicator 3d printers z18

MakerBot pulls out the big (and small) guns with three new Replicator 3D printers

MakerBot debuts new Replicator, Replicator Mini, and the industrial-sized Replicator Z18 3D printers at CES 2014.
parrot minidrone jumping sumo parrotjumingsumo project 2

Parrot unleashes new MiniDrone and Jumping Sumo ‘bot at CES

To kick off CES 2014, Parrot debuted two new ‘bots that promise drone fun without leaving your wallet feeling lighter than air.

The Orbotix Sphero 2B robot can roll faster than you can run

Orbotix debuts the next generation of Sphero robots at CES 2014 with the Sphero 2B programmable fun bot.
CES Couts Preview header

5 questions about the future of tech that CES 2014 will answer

From wearable tech to the future of CES itself, here are the five big questions CES 2014 needs to answer.
NSA Sign

NSA can keep collecting everyone’s phone records, spy court orders

The NSA’s practice of vacuuming up the metadata of virtually every American can continue, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) has ruled.

Want to create the next Bitcoin? This website makes it easy – too easy [SCAM UPDATE]

Coingen, a new online tool, makes creating a Bitcoin or Litecoin alternative easier than it probably should be. UPDATE: It's also appears to be a scam.
coinye west kanye real

Kanye West is now a Bitcoin clone

Coinye West, a Kanye West-themed Bitcoin alternative, is set to launch on January 11.

TURBOPANDA, RAGEMASTER, and 13 other NSA codenames that prove spies laugh, too

Say what you will about the NSA – their names for in-house surveillance technology proves these spies like to have good laugh as much as anyone.
techs challenges 2014 google glass earbud

Why I’m ready to move on from a turbulent (sometimes terrifying) year in tech

Thanks to the NSA and a stagnation in the world of mobile devices, 2014 is looking to be an ugly year of transition for tech.
iPhone 5S hands on camera app

NSA can gain complete access to iPhones, but Apple denies it helped install spyware

Apple says it played no part in a newly revealed NSA exploit that gives US spies complete access to iPhones.
Amazon PrimeAir flying

The drones are coming! FAA announces six drone testing sites

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday the location of six sites where researchers will develop technology and safety standards for drones.
Parrpot AR.Drone 2

My own drone spied on me (and I didn’t even know it)

Forget peeping Toms – some drones spy on the people flying them.
how to dispose of lightbulbs

US to phase-out 40w and 60w incandescent lightbulbs on Jan. 1

Starting January 1, businesses will no longer be permitted to import or produce 40w or 60w incandescent lightbulbs.
dogecoin dogewallet hack save dogemas j0obfeo

Such generosity! After Dogewallet heist, Dogecoin community aims to reimburse victims

Dogecoin community launched Save Dogemas effort to reimburse victims of Christmas day Dogewallet heist.
Parrpot AR.Drone 2 top

Hands On: Parrot AR.Drone 2 Elite Edition

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 hands-on review: Not perfect, but easily one of the funnest high-tech toys on the market.
Why does the NSA need your phone records

Uh oh! Connecting your phone metadata to your real name is surprisingly easy

Stanford University researchers have found that it is easy to connect telephone metadata to people's real names.
techs gifts world since last christmas eve robohand makerbot 3d printed prosthetics

5 ways technology made the world a better place in 2013

This year has been a bummer for technology in a variety of ways. But let's forget all that. Here are five key ways technology made the world a better place.
dogecoin price value jump bitcoin logo

To the moon! Dogecoin fetches 300 percent jump in value in 24 hours

Dogecoin, a meme-based Bitcoin alternative, has jumped more than 300 percent in value over the past 24 hours. Wow.
NSA headquarters

NSA review board proposes 46 changes to US surveillance practices

Obama's presidential NSA review panel has recommended sweeping changes to the way the spy agency conducts its operations.
harvard student used tor anonymize bomb threat email failed eldo kim

Harvard student used Tor to anonymize bomb threat emails, failed

Harvard student Eldo Kim allegedly used Tor to anonymize emails threatening to blow up four campus buildings, but still got caught. Here's why.
chicago sun times test paywall accepts bitcoin tweets

Bitcoin crashes to $500 after Chinese crackdown, but Dogecoin is going strong

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular digital currency, has plummeted from a recent high of more than $1,200 to less than $500 following Chinese regulation.
meet distiller personal whiskey recommendation engine

Have Bitcoin and need a drink? BitBar is the site for you

You can now add 'cocktail' to things you can buy online with Bitcoin.
PayPal won't let you buy Bitcoins

‘What is Bitcoin’ among top US Google searches in 2013

Google Zeitgeist 2013 shows that, as Bitcoin's price rose and fell, so too did the number of people searching for "what is Bitcoin".
National Security Agency Director General Keith Alexander

5 things you need to know about today’s historic ruling against NSA surveillance

A federal judge has ruled that the NSA's mass collection of phone metadata is likely unconstitutional. Here are five key facts every American needs to know.
missed bitcoin boat 6 cryptocurrencies might make rich alternatives

Missed the Bitcoin boat? Here are 6 other cryptocurrencies that might make you rich

Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency on the block. Here are six altcoins that may be a better investment.
top 5 us wireless carriers agree let unlock cell phone

Top 5 US wireless carriers agree to let you unlock your cell phone

CTIA and the FCC have reached a deal that will make it easier and faster for US wireless customers to have their devices unlocked.

Wow. Dogecoin is the most Internet thing to happen, ever

Meet Dogecoin, the Internet's newest, dumbest Bitcoin clone.
google removes chrome extensions cookies adid

NSA uses Google Web browser cookies for targeted hacks, leaked documents reveal

The NSA uses Google’s ad-tracking cookies to identify specific users, who are then hit with hacking software, documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal.
meet distiller personal whiskey recommendation engine

Meet Distiller, your personal whiskey recommendation engine

Meet Distiller, a start-up Web tool designed to take the guesswork out of whiskey