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terms an conditions aereo

Terms & Conditions: Aereo toes a legal line but that’s its problem, not yours

Aereo is the bane of TV networks everywhere – but are you risking anything by signing up?

The Digital Self: Tomorrow’s politicians are ruining their online reputations today

Thanks to loose regard for online privacy, America is destined to decide just how much online indiscretion we are willing to tolerate in our politicians.
Xbox Live Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions: The Xbox One will watch and listen (but what can it share?)

Microsoft's new Kinect motion controller has users worried about privacy – and a quick look at the legalese shows they may be on to something.
The Digital Self Yahoo's Tumblr buy shows how delicate our online lives are

The Digital Self: Yahoo’s Tumblr buy shows how delicate our online lives are

Yahoo's purchase of Tumblr serves as a reminder that relying on third-party companies to store our digital lives is a bad bet.
Terms and Conditions: Etsy

Terms & Conditions: Etsy’s homespun rules are more complicated than you think

Etsy may be a great place to find that simple little item that ties the room together. But its terms of service toss sellers into a maze of rules.
Dr. David Hanson: Android designer

Playing God: Meet the man who built the most lifelike android ever

Dr. David Hanson will unveil the world's most lifelike humanoid robot at the GF2045 conference in June.
Google Glass

The Digital Self: Enamored with Glass? Don’t get too comfortable

Google Glass may be too dorky to cause many privacy problems. But as soon as we all get used to the conspicuous design, that's when the real trouble begins.
Vapefest 2013 e cigarette

Inside the world of vapers, the subculture that might save smokers’ lives

Welcome to the world of vapers, and all that goes with it.
terms conditions bang with friends

Terms & Conditions: BangWithFriends is not liable for your horrible decisions

BangWithFriends lets you secretly find out which of your Facebook buddies want to become friends with benefits. But just how private is it?

Awesome new bill legalizes cell phone unlocking, ‘fixes’ the DMCA

The newly introduced Unlocking Technology Act of 2013 legalizes cell phone unlocking, jailbreaking, game console modding, and "fixes" the DMCA.
Our online lives are our 'real' lives

The Digital Self: Our online lives are our ‘real’ lives

Our perception that "the Internet" isn't "real life" is wrong – and, sometimes, dangerous.
Terms & Conditions Reddit

Terms & Conditions: Reddit revamps with privacy in mind

Reddit has revamped its privacy policy to give users exactly the information they need to understand how their privacy is protected by the popular site.
The Digital Self: Covering your eyes won’t keep you safe from online peeping toms

The Digital Self: Covering your eyes won’t keep you safe from online peeping Toms

Online privacy isn't dead, but it is evolving. Here's what it means to most people now – and what we need to do to protect it from falling six feet under.
Terms & Conditions: WhatsApp

Terms & Conditions: WhatsApp’s legalese is user-friendly … and hilarious

WhatsApp has becoming one of the world's most popular SMS alternatives. But its terms of service is even better than free text messaging.
the digital self we need new rules for citizen reporting on the real time web header

The Digital Self: We need new rules for citizen reporting on the real-time Web

The rush of the real-time Web got the better of many of us during last week's Boston manhunt. How do we make sure that never happens again?
terms conditions congress has privacy policies in its sights with cispa t c feature

Terms & Conditions: Congress has privacy policies in its sights with CISPA

The return of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) puts all privacy policies on the chopping block.
Boston Marathon bombing suspects

Crowdsourced or Mobsourced: Did Reddit help or harm the Boston bombing investigation?

Are crowdsourced investigations like that of Reddit's 'FindBostonBombers' community helpful or dangerous?
facebook teen security header

The Digital Self: Facebook’s teen privacy effort is great … oh, wait – no it’s not

Facebook's new pro-privacy partnership with the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) smells like a ripe marketing stunt, and nothing more.
terms conditions hbogo and

Terms & Conditions: Sharing your HBOGo password is risky, but worth it

Can you use someone else's password to access HBOGo? Find out in this edition of Terms & Conditions.
graffiti artist peeta sculupture s twister coloured glossy

Tagging 2.0: How one artist uses tech to give life to 3D graffiti

Italian graffiti writer "Peeta" gives us an inside look at street art in the Internet era.
The Digital Self: We need laws that empower consumers in the face of big data

The Digital Self: We need laws that empower consumers in the face of big data

California's may soon earn the "right to know" what data companies have about them, and how that data is shared. All Americans deserve this right, too.

Terms & Conditions: Should ignoring fine print be illegal?

The already-bad Computer Fraud and Abuse Act may be set to get a lot worse. Here's why.
meet tor ekeland the attorney war on hackers thumb

This friend to hackers is probably your best bet for Internet freedom, too

Attorney Tor Ekeland's clients include two of the most high-profile "hackers" to ever go on trial. In this Q&A, Ekeland explains why our laws are all wrong.
obama brain initiative cyborgs

Obama’s $100M BRAIN Initiative aims to cure Alzheimer’s, create cyborgs

President Obama unveiled Tuesday the first details of the BRAIN Initiative, which aims to map the human brain.
fist header

The Digital Self: Fight the man, buy a CD

The courts say it's illegal to re-sell digital goods like MP3s and ebooks. Here's how to fight back.
a data broker’s world

How data brokers profit off you without your (or the law’s) knowledge

Terms & Conditions: Dailymotion protects your privacy better than YouTube

When it comes to terms of service and privacy policy, Dailymotion may have YouTube (read: Google) beat.
2045 Avatar Project Milestones

How one Russian millionaire wants to save the world … with immortal cyborgs

Russian media tycoon Dmitry Itskov wants to save humanity from guaranteed destruction by creating human cyborgs.

Google promises to not sue over patents ‘unless first attacked’

Google today pledged not to sue anyone who makes use of its MapReduce cloud and big data processing software over patent violations.
bush guccifer

Meet Guccifer, the merry prankster revealing the secrets of our political elite

Few have successfully infiltrated the lives of some of the most influential and powerful people as hack Guccifer has.

The Digital Self: Ignorance about privacy is not an excuse – but it is our excuse

Pandora: Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions: What happens on Pandora does not stay on Pandora

Pandora Internet Radio's terms of service and privacy policy explained.
Andrew Auernheimer is not Aaron Swartz

Andrew Auernheimer is not Aaron Swartz

Outrage over broken anti-hacking laws have blinded tech pundits like myself to the clear wrongdoings of "AT&T iPad hacker" Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer.
andrew auernheimer header

The Digital Self: We all lose with the Web’s last bandits behind bars