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How to buy fine art on the Web without getting ripped off

Amazon Art, the online superstore's new marketplace for fine art, lets anyone become an art collector. Here's how to get started without getting scammed.

Internet free speech: We’re doing it wrong

A pattern of abuse has developed in the way we exercise our right to free speech on the Web. And if we don't put a stop to it, we might not like the outcome.

Meet the $250 Verizon device that lets hackers take over your phone

Femtocells can help boost your cell phone signal. They can also make you vulnerable to hackers, according to new research.
gps spoofing white rose yaght

Want to see this $80 million super yacht sink? With GPS spoofing, now you can!

GPS spoofing has been used to successfully drive an $80 million yacht off course, with the captain none the wiser. Is it time to worry about GPS spoofing?

‘Creepy’ spy computer turns your real big brother into the NSA

CreepyDOL mini spy computer is the latest creation from security consultant Brendan O'Connor that proves just how flimsy our digital privacy really is.

Apple’s iPhone 5S could have a fingerprint scanner – and we want that why?

Apple will almost certainly include a fingerprint scanner in its forthcoming iPhone 5S. Sounds great – but here's why it might not be a good idea.

YouTubers create world’s first terrible ‘movie’ about Edward Snowden

The world's first film about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has hit YouTube.

I’m not buying Google’s awesome Chromecast

Google Chromecast may be one of the best deals in tech right now. Here's why I'm not buying one.
Why does the NSA need your phone records

Why does the NSA need your phone records to track terrorists?

NSA telephone metadata collection: Why do they need to collect it on everyone? Here's the answer.
Keeping kids away from porn header

How long until Britain’s anti-porn measures are thwarted? 5 minutes? 10?

Here’s a funny joke: The United Kingdom plans to block Internet porn – from kids! (Hint: That's not gonna happen, sorry.)

Sorry Reddit, Digg’s new model proves community rule is overrated

Reddit no longer deserves its place as the "front page of the Internet." Digg, on the other hand, has proven itself to be a worthy replacement.
guns drugs and timeshares 14 things paypal wont let you buy won t header 2

Guns, drugs, and timeshares: 14 things PayPal won’t let you buy

Want to buy a house with your eBay earnings? Think again. Here are 14 things PayPal won't let you purchase.
Google Glass could have saved Trayvon Martin header

Google Glass could have saved Trayvon Martin (and George Zimmerman)

The deadly Martin-Zimmerman encounter could have been avoided if either party were wearing Google Glass. Will the wearable tech become the new self-defense?
want to encrypt your way past the nsa good luck pixelated

Want to encrypt your way past the NSA? Good luck with that

Using strong encryption is the only real protection you have against skilled snoops. Too bad figuring it out will make your brain melt.
apple e book fallout what it means for your wallet ibooks lawsuit feature

Apple e-book fallout: What it means for your wallet

Apple's loss in court over a major e-book price fixing conspiracy may be a win for you. Here's why.
Online Privacy

Forget ‘privacy,’ we need a new term for control of our online lives

Privacy is a bad word. And it’s high time we stopped using it to describe the anything that most people actually care about.
Restore the Fourth

Restoring a law from 1789 may be impossible with technology from 2013

The Restore the Fourth anti-NSA surveillance movement has begun to pick up steam. But advancing technology and sluggish laws may make progress impossible.
Impossible to get lost with a smartphone? We’re not out the woods yet

Impossible to get lost with a smartphone? We’re not out of the woods yet

Modern consumer technology is not always the answer to all our problems. Even a good app like Google Maps can leave a woman lost in the woods.
terms and conditions wikipedia

Terms & Conditions: Wikipedia is open, but your user data isn’t

Wikipedia is all about openness. But its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy keep users' identities a secret.
The Digital Self Can the 4th Amendment fit in 140 characters

The Digital Self: Can the 4th Amendment fit in 140 characters?

When it comes to social media, the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendement remains just out of reach.
Lulu Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Sorry gents, Lulu has you hanging by your data

Lulu, the social networking app where women rate the men in their lives, plays fast and hard with guys' data without ever asking them for permission.
ge 2045 casper ghost cyborgs telenoid

Land of the God-Men: Inside the wild movement to turn us into immortal cyborgs

John McAfee explains how to uninstall McAfee Antivirus – with strippers, coke, and guns

John McAfee hasn't had anything to do with McAfee Antivirus for more than 15 years – but that isn't stopping him from "explaining" how get rid of it.

Google fights secret court over right to reveal user data request stats

Google has filed a motion with the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), arguing that gag orders over data requests are unconstitutional.
online life under the microscope

The Digital Self: Are you prepared to put your online life under the microscope?

You don't have to leak classified documents to the NSA for your online life to come under harsh scrutiny.

What we learned from NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s live Q&A

NSA leaker Edward Snowden gives the world more information about U.S. government surveillance, his reasons for fleeing to Hong Kong, and more.
Terms and Conditions Vizify

Terms & Conditions: Vizify knows everything about you (updated)

Vizify collects a ton of personal information about its users. Luckily, it's data-sharing policies are no worse than any other site on the Web.

Facebook: U.S. gov’t requested data on 18K-19K users in last half of 2012

Facebook has released more details about government requests for user data in the United States, including requests by the NSA.

High-tech, $20,000 TrackingPoint ‘smart rifle’ turns anyone into a sniper

TrackingPoint's new XactSystem firearms pack fighter jet-like targeting into a rifle, allowing even beginners to shoot like a professional sniper.
edward snowden header

The Digital Self: Thank Edward Snowden (even if you want him in jail)

Whatever you think of Edward Snowden's NSA leak, or sacrificing privacy for safety, thank him for exposing the dangers of putting our lives online.

NSA whistleblower behind PRISM leaks reveals identity, seeks political asylum abroad

Edward Snowden, the man behind last week's leaks of top secret document that reveal widespread surveillance of U.S. citizens, has revealed his identity.
Terms and Conditions FreedomPop

Terms & Conditions: Freedompop will nickel and dime you – but it’s still a good deal

Freedompop offers "free" nationwide wireless service – but a quick look at its terms show you will still have to fork out some cash.

Oh my God! The government is doing … exactly what we thought it was doing all along

The NSA's PRISM program may be a gross violation of American's privacy, but it's not shocking enough to push the general public to action.
the digital self 06_04_2013 header

The Digital Self: Is the Xbox One the latest privacy fiasco, or am I just a crank?

The Xbox One sparked the latest concerns over privacy. But are those of us who warn about its perils prophets or cranks?