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civilian drone

Drone-hunting licenses shot down in Colorado town after protest

The town of Deer Trail, Colorado, has delayed a town vote that would, if passed, allow residents to hunt drones. The vote is now set for April 2014
everyone planet invest bitcoin piggy bank 2

Bitcoin Believers aren’t wrong, but don’t mistake their faith for fact

When you dig beneath the surface, Bitcoin really does have the potential to be a game-changing revolution that changes the way we see money forever. But don't mistake potential for a sure payout - Bitcoin's true Believers are glossing over a lot of the fuzzy parts.
google barge caught coast guard red tape

Google’s mystery barge caught in Coast Guard red tape

Google's 'mystery barge' project has been put on hold by the U.S. Coast Guard and other agencies, recent reports show.
NSA operations-center

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and more launch ‘Reform Government Surveillance’ campaign

A coalition of eight major U.S. technology companies has launched a public campaign to overhaul the scope and oversight of government surveillance.
us government spy satellite nrol octopus

US launches spy satellite with a giant octopus devouring our entire planet on it

On the side of a US spy satellite that launched this week, you’ll find the logo for NROL-39: an Earth-encompassing octopus.
swann quad starship angle45 right 2 low res

Swann Quad Starship quadrocopter turns you into a flying stuntman for just $80

bittorrent sync user base doubles 2 million one month bittorent

BitTorrent Sync userbase doubles to 2 million in one month

BitTorrent announced today that its BitTorrent Sync app's userbase has jumped from 1 million to nearly 2 million users over the past four weeks.
microsoft smart bra microsft

Microsoft researchers develop mood-sensing ‘smart bra’

Microsoft researchers have developed a “smart bra” that senses the mood of whomever wears it to help combat “emotional eating.”
how to track a cell phone version 1414717210 find lost cellphone

Yes, the NSA is tracking cell phone location data worldwide

The NSA collects the cell phone location data of millions of phones around the world, a new report on the leaked Snowden documents reveals.
zombie drones drone

Zombie drone hack reminds us why flying robots are terrifying

Hacker Samy Kamkar has created a system, dubbed SkyJack, that enables a person to use their personal drone to take over other drones.
3d guns banned australia liberator printed gun

House extends plastic gun ban, leaves loophole for 3D-printed guns

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to extend the Undetectable Firearms Act for another 10 years, but a loophole for 3D-printed guns remains.
samsung may be developing a drone geared toward selfie shooters

Heads up, Amazon! UPS is also testing drone delivery

UPS has also begun testing a drone delivery system, similar to the one announced by Amazon on Sunday.
Amazon PrimeAir flying

Can Amazon’s Prime Air drones take off covered in all this red tape?

Amazon's plan to use "drones" to deliver goods to customers might sound like a hair-brained idea. It's not – and this is how it's going to happen.
sheep marketplace shut down bitcoin stolen copy

Illegal online drug store Sheep Marketplace shuts down after $5M Bitcoin heist

Sheep Marketplace, an illegal online drug store, has shut down after a user made off with nearly $5 million worth of Bitcoin currency.
PayPal won't let you buy Bitcoins

Bitcoin goes nuts, jumps over $1,000 per Bitcoin

Bitcoin has jumped to over $1,000 per Bitcoin repeatedly over the past 24 hours.
90 percent of companies have been hacked survey shows computer hacking

Close that incognito tab! The NSA is logging the porn habits of ‘radicalizers’

The NSA collected information about the online porn habits of six individuals thought to be preaching extremist Muslim views, leaked documents show.
facebook kosovo country

Facebook updates Kosovo’s status from ‘It’s complicated’ to ‘country’

Facebook now recognizes the territory of Kosovo as a "country" – something the United Nations has yet to achieve.
flying jellyfish robot

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a … jellyfish?

A team from NYU has designed the first-ever flying robot that is inspired by something that doesn't even fly: A jellyfish.
Julian Assange (WikiLeaks)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is likely off the hook in the US

WikiLeaks founder Juilan Assange is unlikely to face charges by the U.S. Department of Justice.
airlines allow cell phone calls planes how will we survive on

We don’t need inflight cell phone call bans, we need inflight manners

Airlines balk at the idea of allowing passengers to make inflight cell phone calls. Here's why they're wrong.
twitter acquires zipdial bid expand presence emerging markets timeline

Twitter gets serious about user privacy with added encryption

Twitter has updated its system with "perfect forward secrecy" encryption to better protect user privacy.
23andme returns to america kit

FDA tells Google-backed DNA test startup 23andMe to halt sales

The FDA has ordered DNA testing startup 23andMe to stop selling its DNA Spit Kit until the agency gives it further approval.
pets holiday guide thumb

Pet-lovers gift guide

Your pets are family, too. So here are our favorite gadgets, toys, and services to show your animal companion just how awesome they are.
iphone 5s features hot or not gold

Apple releases the unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 5S into the wild

Apple now offers the option to purchase an iPhone 5S completely unlocked with the option to buy it either SIM card-free, or with a T-Mobile SIM.
fcc in flight cell phone service shutterstock 76129351

Get your earplugs, FCC may let people make cell phone calls on planes

The FCC is expected to consider lifting its ban on in-flight cell phone calls at a meeting in December.
lg smart tv privacy issue fix 60la8600 led front on 1486x991

Your LG smart TV may have been ‘spying’ on you – but a fix is on the way

LG came under fire this week after an IT consultant discovered its privacy settings in its Smart TVs still let the company collect viewing data.
parrot ar drone 2 0 microsoft windows phone

Welcome to the drone club, Windows users! Quadrocopter maker partners with Microsoft

UAV maker Parrot has partnered with Microsoft to allow you to control the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 quadrocopter with your Windows machine.

This university will let you pay tuition in Bitcoin

The University of Nicosia in Cyprus has become the first higher education institution in the world to accept Bitcoin as payment for tuition.
think google glass cool x ray specs can see skin evena eyes on glasses

Think Google Glass is cool? These X-ray specs can see through your skin

Evena Medica's Eyes-On Glasses enable nurses to clearly see the veins beneath your skin.
fcc ip phone system tom wheeler

Say hello to landline video calls – the U.S. plans to upgrade its phone network

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced plans this week to upgrade the US phone system from a copper-based network to a digital one.
mailru mycom mymail mychat mail ru dmitry grishin

The Russians are coming … with a suite of new mobile apps

Russian Web giant has officially launched its base in the U.S. with, and mobile apps that include myMail, myChat, and myGames.
bitcoin funded assassination market website ben bernanke

Forget Silk Road, Assassination Market is the new ‘deep Web’ nightmare

The 'deep Web' site Assassination Market lets users donate Bitcoin toward the murder-for-hire of world leaders, including President Obama and Ben Bernanke.
the circle dave eggers review main v2

‘Privacy is theft’ in the heavy-handed, social-media dystopia of ‘The Circle’

Dave Eggers' new, dystopian novel 'The Circle' takes our world of social networks and oversharing to its horrifying conclusion.
police able search phone without warrant supreme court

Supreme Court won’t say if NSA phone tracking is legal – yet

The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear a case brought forth by the Electronic Privacy Information Center that challenges the NSA's phone records collection activities.