Apple’s rumored TV box confirms convergence is the key to the smart home

Smart home devices need to serve more than one purpose, with, multiple functions available in every device.
23 hours ago
Apple TV

The Larq reusable water bottle made me realize how much money I’ve wasted

You probably own a few reusable water bottles, but the Larq Bottle PureVis made me realize how much money I've wasted over the years
3 days ago
Larq Bottle PureVis in hand

iPhone 12 and 5G: How it will (eventually) make a difference for iPhone owners

The iPhone 12 finally brings 5G to the iPhone. While it may not seem like that's really a big deal, it could become one in the long term. Here's why.

World of Warcraft’s new leveling gives reason to play without watching Netflix

World of Warcraft's beginner experience has grown more unruly over time. With the pre-patch leveling rework for Shadowlands now in, the fat has been trimmed.
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