World of Warcraft’s new leveling gives reason to play without watching Netflix

World of Warcraft's beginner experience has grown more unruly over time. With the pre-patch leveling rework for Shadowlands now in, the fat has been trimmed.
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Why aren’t smartphones designed for a woman’s hand size?

As smartphone sizes exploded, more than half of the population was left wondering how they were going to use the new super-sized devices.
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Samsung has the tools it needs to steal iPhone customers — it just needs to use them

Samsung has a rare opportunity to steal customers as Apple's missteps in gaming give Android exclusivity for Fortnite and Microsoft.

Razer’s Pro Click and Pro Type: The all-white peripherals you’ve always wanted?

Razer's new productivity suite aims itself at ergonomic-conscious users, but the keyboard doesn't fit the bill.
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