How graphics card bundles are both hurting and helping during the GPU shortage

Graphics card bundles have been the only consistent way to get a GPU over the past year, but they're more than just retailers capitalizing on a bad situation.
10 hours ago
GPU in neon lights.

Jak And Daxter is still a brilliantly designed platformer 20 years later

Jak and Daxter turns 20 today, but it plays like nothing else from the last decade.
16 hours ago
Jak and Daxter posing after getting a power cell in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

Haptic feedback headphones are a great idea that still hasn’t been done right

Razer just released another headset with haptic feedback. Although the tech still isn't there yet, it has the potential to become a mainstay in gaming headsets.

Switch Online’s N64 expansion won’t be complete without translucent controllers

Nintendo bringing classic N64 games to the Switch is going to be a blast, but I need my favorite controller color to complete it.
A purple, translucent Nintendo 64 controller