Trump’s TikTok meddling means we’ll never be able to escape Big Tech

Holding a huge competitor hostage only makes them more powerful
Styled Graphic featuring Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai

4 things I love about the Pixel 4a, and 1 thing I don’t

There's only one problem with Google's incredibly cheap new Pixel
google pixel 4a best features 01

DT Debate: Why do we all have a drawer full of old chargers and other cords?

The Digital Trends team came together to discuss and debate -- Slack style

Defund the Taser

defund the taser banning police tasers firstdraft 200701 smaller

Olympus has fallen: The camera maker chose its fate years ago

Olympus, pressured on all sides, was doomed by its refusal to adapt and change
olympus camera business sold analysis sale division causes