Why the rumored Apple Watch Series 7 redesign has me worried

The Apple Watch Series 7 is rumored to get a complete redesign, and renders have got me a little worried about what that will mean for the wonderful wearable.
4 days ago
Apple Watch Series 6 body on top of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

Home Depot’s Hubspace smart home line has me both excited and worried

Home Depot is launching Hubspace, a smart home platform built on the ideas of compatibility and ease of use.
September 4, 2021

3 things Intel XeSS needs to nail to beat Nvidia DLSS

Intel XeSS doesn't require dedicated hardware like DLSS. However, that alone isn't enough to position Intel at the front of supersampling features.

You won’t need 17 speakers to appreciate Dolby Atmos in Apple Music

Apple's planned addition of Dolby Atmos Music tracks to Apple Music is going to be a game-changer for musicians and music lovers alike.
Vizio Dolby Atmos Soundbar