Here’s why Telegram will probably never beat WhatsApp

Telegram added 70 million users on the back of WhatsApp's outage this week, but it's unlikely to replace WhatsApp as the messaging app of choice for billions.
3 days ago
Telegram app download.

Halo Infinite’s A.I. puts Battlefield 2042’s to shame

Halo Infinite's smart Spartans leave Battlefield 2042's bots in the dust so far.
6 days ago
A helicopter flies over tanks in Battlefield 2042.

Why the rumored Apple Watch Series 7 redesign has me worried

The Apple Watch Series 7 is rumored to get a complete redesign, and renders have got me a little worried about what that will mean for the wonderful wearable.

Custom UIs could make or break Google and Samsung’s Wear smartwatch software

The user interface on a Wear smartwatch will be customizable by the manufacturer, which as great as it may sound, could also bring about serious problems.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Apps