iRobot takes charge, stirs up competition with new direction of Roomba i3 Plus

High-level robot vacuum cleaners have always carried a high price tag, but aggressive pricing from iRobot makes high level performance more affordable.
irobot roomba i3 plus provides high end performance  photo insitu edgesweeping

Sony prepares for war with PlayStation 5 showcase

PlayStation 5 launch will take a much different approach than Xbox Series X.
playstation 5 controller and ps5

Apple could end antitrust woes by making the iOS App Store more like the Mac’s

Listen up, Apple: Here’s how to end your antitrust problems once and for all

Pentax spells out vision as an art company that ignores superior tech

Nearly forgotten company's updated vision is focused on experience -- at the expense of technology
Ricoh Pentax-DFA 50mm F1.4 SDM SW review