Opinion: Hey piston heads, just give up because electric cars are better

Today, right here and now, I am going to give you scientific and empirical evidence why EVs should and will take over. 
Electric GT Motor

Here’s why Microsoft desperately needs an Intel version of the Surface Pro X

Microsoft has launched the Surface Pro X, a new Surface device with Microsoft's own custom SQ1 processor. It's visually impressive with slim bezels, but the company needs to release an Intel version pronto.
surface pro x vs ipad 01

Opinion: Why my next phone might be an iPhone and not another Google Pixel

The iPhone 11 Pro has a better camera system than Google's Pixel 3, but it also has better battery life. The Pixel 4 might have a tough time competing.

What’s the best way to stick it to Equifax? Make them work for you

If you're among those whose data was compromised by the Equifax data breach, you're probably not going to get the $125 promised by the FTC settlement. If you want to make Equifax pay, you're better off choosing free credit monitoring.
equifax security breach