Joe Biden’s plan to save democracy would kill the internet

Joe Biden said he thinks Section 230 of the CDA should be revoked. Doing so would break the internet.
Former Vice President Joe Biden

Another app? With Peacock, NBC tries to roll back the clock to cable

NBC has given us details about its new streaming service, Peacock, I already hate it. Here's why
Michael Scott The Office

With Ryzen 4000, does AMD finally have a real shot at winning the laptop race?

Ryzen 4000 looks set to be powerful, but does AMD have the mindshare to make it a success? That's the question we'll need to see answered in 2020 if AMD wants to truly compete with Intel.

A revolutionary MacBook is coming, and the clues have been hiding in plain sight

Apple plans on launching an ARM-based MacBook, and it’s coming soon, putting an end to the Intel MacBook era.
apple macbook pro 16 inch review ry 14

Ban Juul, not vaping

ban juul not vaping electronic cigarette pods header