Apple just announced a touchscreen Mac — but it’s not what you expect

At WWDC 2021, Apple just gave the world the first touchscreen Mac. Except it did not show off any new Macs at all. So what exactly happened at the show?
June 7, 2021
Mac OS Universal Control

3 reasons why Nvidia was able to comfortably overprice the RTX 3080 Ti

The $1,199 GeForce RTX 3080 Ti's premium pricing could help deter crypto miners and keep scalpers at bay, but will it scare off gamers looking to upgrade?
June 3, 2021
nvidia launches rtx 3080 ti 3070 computex 2021 1

The startup world is stacked against Black founders. Let’s change that

Many believe that we live in a post-racial society where everyone is judged by their abilities and that race and sex are not factors. I know this to be false.

It’s the end of 2020, and there’s still no good reason to have 5G

Throughout 2020, you have been able to buy a 5G phone and a 5G contract, and sometimes even get a 5G signal, but at no time has there been a reason to use it.
iPhone 12 5G announcement