Surprise Bethesda buyout plays right into Microsoft’s next-gen strategy

Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda is not about hardware. It’s about games as a service and GamePass and xCloud just got a huge bump.
Xbox Series X Stylized Graphic

iRobot takes charge, stirs up competition with new direction of Roomba i3 Plus

High-level robot vacuum cleaners have always carried a high price tag, but aggressive pricing from iRobot makes high level performance more affordable.
irobot roomba i3 plus provides high end performance  photo insitu edgesweeping

Razer’s Pro Click and Pro Type: The all-white peripherals you’ve always wanted?

Razer's new productivity suite aims itself at ergonomic-conscious users, but the keyboard doesn't fit the bill.

Google needs to get back to basics with Android. Why? Take a look at iOS 14

In its 14th update, Apple may have gained the upper hand in the Android-iOS war
Android 10 Assistant Navigation