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Do you want to be a Google Glasshole? Act like this guy

google glass man video

Remember how strange it was when businessmen and random people started wearing Bluetooth earpieces everywhere? You’d just see people talking to themselves. A man would talk and you’d wonder if he’s asking you a question, but nope, he’s chatting with some mistress across the country. Those days of confusion will soon return. Google Glass isn’t available to the general public yet, but it will be soon, and some people are going to annoy us to death with it.

We’ve long talked about the privacy implications of Google Glass, but now it’s time to tackle what will happen when a bunch of jerkoffs start buying it. And they will.

Google Glass wearers outdo the Bluetooth businessman in almost every way. Yes, they will still talk to themselves, but Google Glassers may appear to stare directly at you as they navigate the eyewear’s virtual interface. This YouTube video was made by Ed Bassmaster – the guy behind the first Bluetooth Man and this Bush Man video where he scares people by, yes, dressing like a bush. It was filmed by Glasser Chris Barrett, PRServe Founder, who provided his Glass.

We saw a few weird people at Google I/O this year, but haven’t yet encountered anybody this rude. They’re sure to be out there.

What do you think? Does this make you any more or less interested in Glass? Being the kind of people who watch and then write articles about what we see, we’re kind of excited to see how idiotic some people will look using Google’s new headgear, but mostly we can’t wait to use it more ourselves.

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