Holiday Prompts Driving And Talking Safety

The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA), Verizon Wireless and other wireless companies, sponsors of Wireless Safety Week (May 24-28), encourage the responsible use ofwireless technology while driving. The group urges customers to always use their phones responsibly if they must talk and drive, as the Memorial Day, the busiest driving holiday of the year,approaches.

In a press release offered today, Verizon Wireless reminds drivers:

  • Careful attention to the road and surrounding conditions is always a driver’s first responsibility to protect themselves and others.
  • Dial the phone only when the car is not in motion.
  • If you choose to talk while driving, always use a hands-free device, as required by law in many states. Take advantage of voice-activated dialing if the phone has this feature. When the phone is turned on, make sure the hands-free device is on and working.
  • Pre-program important and frequently dialed numbers, including home, office, favorite take-out restaurant and babysitter, so they can be dialed by pressing only a few buttons.
  • Never take notes or write down phone numbers while driving. Rather, pull off the road to a safe spot or leave a message on the phone’s voice mail system.
  • Know the wireless phone number so emergency personnel can call back. If the phone is used infrequently, it may be a good idea to write the number down and keep it in the car for quick reference.
  • Traffic conditions always require your full attention. You should turn the phone off and let calls go to voice mail or activate call forwarding when driving conditions require you to do so.

Verizon noted that dropped calls and dead zones can be frustrating for drivers using their wireless phones to check in at home or the office. If poor wireless coverage along frequently traveled roads is a problem for drivers, it may be time to switch to a wireless provider with better coverage. Beginning May 24, 2004, customers everywhere across the country can switch their wireless providers while retaining their numbers.

Source: Verizon’s press release.

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