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The future is here: Women can finally charge their iPhones in their jeans

JOE'S® Official Site | #Hello Battery
Charging your phone from the wall? How old-school. Wireless charging? That’s so 2013. Charging your phone in your jeans? That’s the future. Let Joe’s Jeans introduce you to pants-charging with its new denim line, the #Hello jean, which was spotted by Mashable.

For only $190, women can now have the luxury of owning a pair of jeans with a special opening for a battery pack to charge their phones. Of course, the battery pack doesn’t come with the jeans and will set you back another $50. Don’t fret, though, because that pack will make sure to charge your iPhone 5 and 5S from zero to 85 percent and your iPhone 6 from zero to 70 percent.

Unfortunately, if you want to charge your iPhone 6 Plus with your jeans, you’re out of luck, because the special pocket for the phone simply won’t fit your behemoth of a smartphone. Like most women’s jeans, Joe’s #Hello jeans don’t have deep enough pockets. Instead, the company went for a “patent pending” pocket that only fits some phones.

You’ll even need to remember to take out the battery pack and cable every time you want to wash your jeans, which could be a big problem for forgetful folks.

Also, the #Hello jean is a pair of skinny jeans, so if you want something a bit more roomy or with a wide leg, you’re out of luck. You can, however, get the #Hello jean in Aria, Cecily, Kalia, and Regan styles, which each offer a different color. If you’re interested, you can buy the #Hello jean online through the Joe’s Jeans online portal. Remember, ladies: the future is now. As for the gentlemen, your futuristic charging jeans already arrived.

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