LG Phone Watch For The U.K.

LG Phone Watch For The U.K.

It’s that wonderful, inevitable Dick Tracy device – the Watch Phone. Made by LG, it’s going on sale next month in the UK, from mobile operator Orange.

The device, technically the LG GD910, was showcased at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress. It offers a 1.43” touch-screen display, voice dialing, and uses a Bluetooth headset rather than having to deal with the wristset’s minute speaker.

According to Orange, the watch phone will be available for a limited time as a pay-as-you-go set, but have not offered a price.

Tom Alexander, chief executive at Orange UK, said:

"The Watch Phone is the must-have gadget of 2009. It’s handcrafted, exclusively limited, and will turn heads on the high street."

However, it’s set to be just the first unusual multimedia phone from Orange, which plans at least three more in 2009.

"We have secured some of the most original and innovative devices available. The Watch Phone is the first of these, all focused on bringing a 21st century experience to our 21st century customers," said Alexander.

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