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LG announces the Vu 3 smartphone, still as wide and weird-looking as ever

LG Vu 3

LG has announced the third version of its unusual Vu smartphone, and like its other high-end devices this year, it has dropped the Optimus branding from its name, leaving it as simply the LG Vu 3. LG’s Vu phones standout because of the 4:3 aspect ratio screen, which gives the device a more square look than we’re used to, despite having a relatively traditional screen size. The phone was leaked last month, and the predictions concerning its spec all seem to have been accurate.

The Vu 3’s display follow’s in the LG G2’s footsteps by measuring 5.2-inches, and while the resolution is lower at 1280 x 960, it’s at least higher than the Optimus Vu 2’s 1024 x 768 pixel screen. The ever-popular quad-core Snapdragon 800 is the processor on duty, but there’s no mention of how much RAM the Vu 3 will pack. It does have a 13-megapixel camera onboard though, along with an LED flash and a 2.1-megapixel video call lens on the front.

A stylus slides out of the phone, ready to interact with an enhanced version of LG’s Notebook app, plus LG will sell a set of QuickView cases separately. These are made of a see-through material and work with certain themes installed on the phone, making the phone not only more colorful, but also for the screen to still show plenty of information while stored safely inside a case.

An unknown version of Android is installed on the LG Vu 3, and it comes with various LG tweaks and features, such as a guest mode and KnockOn, where a double tap on the screen wakes up the device. At the moment the Vu 3 is only destined for Korea, and as such has support for a super high-speed LTE-Advanced network. However, LG released the Optimus Vu in America as the LG Intuition, and the company has said this year it wants to give its hardware a wider release than before, so it could still head your way in the future. Keen owners in Korea will be able to purchase the phone from September 27.

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