Microsoft Teases My Phone Sync Service

Microsoft Teases My Phone Sync Service

MobileMe may have been a black eye for Apple, but Microsoft thinks it can do it better. After accidentally leaking its plans for a new service last week, the company has hoisted up an official teaser page for the service to be called My Phone on Friday.

Much like MobileMe, My Phone will act as cloud-based storage for smartphone applications, allowing users to keep their phones and desktop computers on the same page, even without a physical synchronization. For instance, users will be able to backup their phones online, keep contacts and appointments synchronized, and share photos.

Microsoft will offer the software for free, and will include up to 200MB of storage with each account. That means data on external storage cards, like music and movies, won’t make it to Microsoft’s servers.

Though Microsoft is widely expected to be rolling out Windows Mobile 6.5 shortly, My Phone will be backwards compatible with all version 6+ devices.

More details are expected at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.