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The Moto Z2 Force display isn’t shattering, but it is reportedly peeling

Motorola to waive fee for customers with peeling Moto Z2 Force Shattershields

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When Motorola’s Moto Z2 Force launched last summer, one of its highlighted features was the proprietary “Shattershield” technology used on the display — which the company claims is guaranteed not to crack or shatter for four years. Now, owners of the Moto Z2 Force have been reporting that the Shattershield is reportedly peeling off.

According to some reports, the Shattershield is peeling in particular around the fingerprint button and the corners of the screen — which you can see in the photos below from PiunikaWeb. While a cause hasn’t been confirmed, it could possibly be due to the heat produced when charging the phone. If there’s a Moto Mod attached during charging, the heat could be causing the top layer of the screen to curl up in the corners and in other spots on the device.

While Motorola believes most of the issues users are having with the Moto Z2 Force screen can be attributed to cosmetic damage, the company told Digital Trends the peeling incidents affect only a “minimal quantity” of devices, and that it will “waive the fee for affected customers.”

Users have been taking to Motorola’s forum to report this exact issue since as early as October, but more complaints are still appearing this month. Even though the top layer is meant to act as a permanent screen protector, it’s still designed to be replaced. Motorola normally charges its customers $49 for the repair.

After reading our coverage, Motorola sent Digital Trends a statement addressing the issue. “Like all Motorola phones, the Moto Z2 Force edition goes through extensive accelerated life testing to help ensure it will stand up to the rigors of everyday life as part of its qualification for shipment. A small number of customers have reported the protective lens liner peeling on their Moto Z2 Force edition.”

Although the Moto Z2 Force’s display and lens are protected by a four-year warranty, the peeling of the Shattershield is not.

If you’re experiencing peeling problems with the Shattershield on your phone, you can contact the Motorola Return and Repair Center for a complimentary replacement.

Updated February 9: Added statements from Motorola.

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