Neonode announces WLAN Mobile Phone

From the press release:

Neonode is one of the first mobile developers in the world that introduces Internet via wireless broadband access, Wireless LAN (WLAN), into their mobiles. The company has since last fall cooperated with Philips Semiconductors to develop a mobile with low power consumption and WLAN support. The launch of the new Neonode mobile is planned to the last six months of 2005.

With Neonode’s WLAN mobile the everyday user can easily call, surf the Internet, chat using for example MSN Messenger, download files and transfer data faster and less expensive than has been possible with a mobile up to now. When the WLAN mobile don’t have access to a WLAN net it will use the GSM net as an ordinary mobile.

So far the possibilities for inexpensive, not affiliated Internet telephony has been limited mainly to the PC-environment, a computer however is far from ideal to use as a phone. With Neonode’s WLAN mobile the Internet telephony is brought into its real environment, the mobile.


The WLAN mobile will allow today’s price conscious consumers to, in a new and revolutionary way, free themselves from long, expensive subscriptions and for the telephony benefit by the world’s most expanded network, the Internet.

The technology also makes it possible to, significantly faster than today, transfer data. The transfer speed will initially be up to 11 Mbit per second, which is about 25 times faster than today’s 3G net and about 11 times faster than Bluetooth. Gradually, the transfer speed will increase up to 100 Mbit per second.

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